The Revelation of the Tarot Card on October 30 ~ Your living tips

Hello, this is Akitokimi!🙋

I think that those who are interested in Japan, those who like Japan, and those who like divination surely see this blog.

I would be happy if you like this blog even more!

And I have not yet written the popular category of this blog 【Japanese Compatibility Divination】!

Now I write about zodiac sign, but there are so many fortune-telling applications, so it’s quite difficult to get time for zodiac sign.

Therefore, please wait for a while.

Then, I will tell you the revelation of this week’s Tarot card.🔮


Today’s Tarot cards are reverse of Four of Swords, reverse of Ten of Swords, Four of Coins, reverse of Page of Cups, Knight of Coins!

If you go down to where you will not fall any further, you just crawl up.

But, if you only fear changes and wish for maintaining the status quo, nothing can change.

Perhaps you may have something to throw away.

Even if you think things will get worse just by your prejudices, even if you are pursuing a dream that is not down-to-earth, it only ends with delusions.

You have to see a certain truth in front of you and struggle towards your goal.

If you decide to do this, you only persistently chase the goal!

So today is the end.

Let’s meet next week! !😀

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