The Revelation of the Tarot Card on October 23 ~ Your living tips

Hello!! Everyone!! How have you been doing??😄

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Let’s start revelation of tarot card from now!

Listen to Tarot ‘s message to you.


Today’s cards are Seven of Swords, reverse of Knight of Cups, Queen of Swords, reverse of Ten of Cups, Five of Swords!

If you are talked about behind your back, do not take it seriously, please dodged his/her rude comments.

Even if he/she hits you bad energy, if you are in a clean and resolute attitude, bad energy will bounce back to him/her.

People who are only saying bad things and complaints are wrapped themselves in evil and will live a life unfortunate and disadvantaged.

Do not worry about a person who speaks badly and just evaded his/her rude comments! That was the story.

Whatever you are bad-mouthed by someone, This is important.

In order to have a conscience, think about fun things. Think bright. Be gentle with people.

Then, strangely, your heart is filled with conscience.

You will be able to store as much energy as you do not lose to those who hit bad energy.

Let’s ignore those people who hit evil energies wisely! !

This was today’s The Revelation of the Tarot Card. And thank you for listening to me so far!

See you next week! !

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