The Revelation of the Tarot Card on October 2 ~ Your living tips

Welcome.Hello, Akitokimi!

I will let you know this week’s news. There are comments from viewers of this blog.

I gave a comment from the people who saw the revelation of the previous Tarot card and I will introduce it to you.

This is a story that can happen on a daily basis. Especially I am always too hasty to see the front often.😲

At that time, I read the revelation of Akitokimi’s Tarot card, yeah, it became quite understandable.

Please continue to write the revelation of Tarot cards! It will be very helpful! ! !😍

I see. I hear someone’s voice that Tarot card revelation is an advice.

I became to think that “I see, this is giving advice to everyone.”

To be honest, I am surprised so much, but if I can become your helpful, Jun Sakura Akitokimi will do our best!

Well then, I will start reveling Tarot cards!

Strength, The Magician, The reverse of Nine of Wands, The reverse of Three of Coins, The reverse of The Hanged Man have been expanded.

You just kept on trying hard. Next time you will be motivated to try new things.

However, obstacles can be stuck in front of you.

You will be in a hunted state no longer, but you will push through your own way.

That makes your position even weaker.

Then, what was the problem?

It may have been a problem for you to insist on your idea or your opinion too much.

You were too stubborn and stuck only to your own way.

That is why it’s a failure to start.

Did not you have something to learn?

Get knowledge and skills, harmonize with people, change your perspective, see things from new angles, do what you have not done before.

That will be what you need now.

Today’s Tarot card revelation is over with this.

I hope next week you will be able to see the revelation of Tarot cards.

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