The Revelation of the Tarot Card on October 16 ~ Your living tips

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Well, this week we will also tell you what Tarot cards want to tell!

Today’s cards are Knight of Cups, reverse of Five of Pentacles, reverse of Seven of Pentacles, Queen of Wands, reverse of The Empress!

Listen to Tarot’s words this week!

You may have been affectionate to someone, accepted a sudden farewell, or have said good-bye to your partner/her/him.

There are reasons why you have to break up even though you like that person.

After that, you will be unable to meet that person and will have tough days.

You gave up on being with that person.

You may regret that you should have stayed together no matter what happened.

But in the end let’s try to make you laugh like a sunflower in true sense.

What you always want is you shining like the sun.

You are honest, kind and gentle.

Let’s think about what is real love.

I finish the revelation of today’s Tarot card.

I think that the message of Tarot card this week was a message reminiscent of various relationships such as lover, unbelievable love, married couple or parent and child.

No matter how hard it is, he/she who love you do not want the face you suffer.

He/She always wants a smile like the sun laughing in front of him/her.

Whatever the ending, he/she want you to be happy at the end.

Those people who truly love you will surely want it.

Because everybody does not want to see the sad face of the person they loved or they will love.

Well, let’s meet next week!🙋


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