【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 8 Soil star’s fortune:September 2020

What month will it be for you in September 2020? JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI put our heart into divining your life, your fortune, and your relationships.

🏔⛰Telling Monthly 8 Soil star’s fortune🏔⛰

💡💡💡It’s easier to catch a wave of luck by “thinking calmly about what to do next” and “thinking about it carefully before making a decision.” than by “going ahead and moving” or “starting suddenly or rapidly”.💡💡💡

Rather than doing a big project, you should make the most of every day, no matter how small the job.

It is necessary to move forward while taking an objective look at things rather than getting to work on it like a crazy person.

Then you won’t make a big mistake.

Even if something unpredictable happens, be careful with hasty behavior or careless mistake.

You should make some preliminary investigations and check things thoroughly.

Please don’t be panic by any changes‼

You may get very angry or get nervous if It doesn’t go as you plan and if Something happens at work or at home.

🌷🌲🌻Being calm and not being emotional is a way to bring good fortune to you in September 2020.

You should aim for the top by asking yourself, “What do you lack now?” and “What should I do now?”

Then you will be able to grow as a person.

✨✨✨Are you giving up on love with him/her who doesn’t progress easily?

Your decision is still early.

The future of the two may not be visible now, but JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI will tell you the bond and the ending between you and him.

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