TAROT READINGS:Queen Elizabeth II And Meghan Markle’s Honest Thoughts

It is rumored that Prince Harry and Meghan will return to England on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday or this summer.

Queen Elizabeth II has a love for Prince Harry, as Akitokimi actually performed tarot fortunetelling last year.

Even if Prince Harry leaves the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II still loves him.

But what is Queen Elizabeth’s true intention for Prince Harry?

And what does Meghan Markle think of Queen Elizabeth II?

The High Priestess(reversed), The Hierophant(reversed), The Chariot, Temperance(reversed), The Hanged Man, The Moon(reversed), The Tower(reversed).



Knight of Wands, Queen of Swords(reversed), King of Swords(reversed), Five of Swords(reversed), Six of Pentacles, Ten of Pentacles(reversed), King of Cups(reversed).

From Meghan’s point of view, She and Elizabeth II are strained and Meghan is wary of the Queen.

Meghan is full of irritation, frustration, and feeling of uneasiness, and she can’t be relaxed.

Meghan has a great deal of hatred for Queen Elizabeth.

“I can’t feel her compassion or sincerity …”

“It’s a superficial relationship”

“The Queen is really annoying.”

“I’m tired of being with Elizabeth”

Megan Markle seems to feel like that.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh may criticize Meghan behind her back.

Queen Elizabeth and Meghan will be unlikely to return to a good relationship again.

Wheel of Fortune, The Fool, Justice, The Tower, Death(reversed), The Magician(reversed), The Star(reversed).


Seven of Cups(reversed), Two of Cups(reversed), Four of Swords, Ten of Swords(reversed), Ace of Swords(reversed), Six of Swords(reversed), King of Wands.

Queen Elizabeth blew up!!!!!

She can’t stand this job any longer!!!!!

The Queen is probably an affectionate and kind woman.

So no matter how angry Elizabeth is, she may forgive Meghan again.

The cup (love) card is upside down, which I interpret as there’s no such thing as the Queen’s compassion for Meghan, but it’s flowing down.

So if Meghan Markle apologizes properly and returns to the royal family, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will definitely forgive her.

Queen Elizabeth considers Princess Megan very immature.

She is a child who has not grown up mentally.

And she is a schemer.

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