TAROT READINGS:Prince William And Meghan Markle’s Honest Thoughts

You haven’t noticed. Junka∞Akitokimi will tell you bout the first feeling Prince William felt for Meghan Markle and how he feels at her now.

Do you really understand the relationship between Prince William and Meghan Markle?

It is true to tell you from now on.

What does Prince Willam think about Meghan Markle??

Junka∞Akitokimi will divine and tell you about Meghan Markle’s feelings in Prince William’s heart.

The Hierophant(reversed), The Chariot, The Tower, The Emperor(reversed), The Star(reversed), The Moon, and The World(reversed).


Three of Cups(reversed), Nine of Swords, Two of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, Two of Pentacles(reversed), Queen of Swords, and King of Swords(reversed).

Prince William trembles all over with anger and his blood start to boil.

I feel he is going to lose his temper with Meghan Markle.

Apparently, Meghan Markle has offended Prince William.

I don’t know Prince William so angry with Meghan.

Prince William manages to stay rational, but he’s about to explode with anger.

Moreover, Junka∞Akitokimi can see that he is very worried about how to deal with her.

He’s almost depressed.

Prince William may feel a lot of pain about Meghan Markle’s different values and her behaviour as if she ignores the Royal family’s traditions.

“She has no consideration for others. her attitude lacks thought”

He must have thought that way.

It all adds up.

Prince William couldn’t relax when he was with Meghan Markle.

He will be cautious and wise with the wait-and-see approach to Meghan Markle.

Next, Junka∞Akitokimi can read what feelings Meghan Markle has towards Prince William.

Temperance(reversed), Judgement(reversed), The Tower, The Sun, The Emperor, The Star(reversed)and, The World(reversed).


Three of Cups, Ten of Cups(reversed), Four of Swords, Two of Swords(reversed), Eight of Cups, Eight of Pentacles, and Six of Pentacles(reversed).


Meghan Markle should also know that the relationship with Prince William continues to be dissonant and the relationship between the two is out of balance.

Junka∞Akitokimi can read that they don’t get along.

From the perspective of Meghan Markle, It seems that she marries into the Royal Family with “fun feelings”.

What happens if Meghan Markle joins the British royal family?

It doesn’t seem like she could be prepared to marry.

There is Three of Cups in the past position, but it seems that “Feelings she finds fun” is emphasized.

Rather than having strong bonds or build a loving relationship with the royal family, she seemed to feel fun and pleasure.

Junka∞Akitokimi predicts her to be happy-go-lucky when she married into the British royal family.

I would like Prince William to pay close attention to Meghan Markle’s actions and words toward Prince William rationally.

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