JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI’s reader asked us to “divine Katie Perry and Orlando Bloom’s truth!!” So, JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI will divine and read their true intentions😍😍

Orlando was married to Miranda Kerr before👼

He tends to choose only women with strong luck.

From Four Pillars of Destiny’s perspective, Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry have strong luck.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s relationship is inseparable, for better or worse.

That is why they may have been able to get back together even if they broke up once.

Katy Perry says that the parting deepens the bonds between them.

Perhaps in the past, her romantic relationship may not have progressed or may not have gone well.

My sixth sense told me that.

Do Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry really love each other?

How do they feel about each other❓💑

JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI does a tarot reading about their honest minds😃💓

The Hermit, The Sun(Reversed), The Lovers(Reversed), Temperance, The Devil(Reversed), The Empress(Reversed), The Magician.


Five of Coins, King of Coins, Six of Cups, Queen of Cups, Ten of Wands(Reversed), Nine of Cups, Four of Wands.

Katy loves Orlando💞

Katy’s love for Orlando is more than just sexual relations, her love is peaceful family love.

I can read that she has a peaceful feeling for Orlando.

Compassion and kindness, not intense passion.

warmness from the bottom of her heart.

That’s Katy’s feeling for Orlando.

There is just one point to worry about.

Either of them has a greediness and materialism.

He/She may lose something because of his/her greediness.

Orlando has the Compatibility which conflicts with Katy Perry.

So, Orlando and Katy should be careful when they have a big argument.

JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI would like them to care about each other on a regular basis.


The World, The Chariot(Reversed), Justice(Reversed), The High Priestess(Reversed), The Sun(Reversed), The Hermit(Revered), The Emperor.


King of Wands, Eight of Cups, Nine of Coins, Three of Cups(Reversed), Eight of Wands(Reversed), Ten of Wands(Reversed), Page of Coins.

Orlando likes Katy’s smiling face and he will love her brightness and warmness💏

JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI cares for Orlando to be critical of Katy.

I CAN READ that he may find fault with her everything😢

Orland should not be the self-righteous person and should have different values.

And Katy may be emotional and critical about Orlando.

If they think too much about greed, interests, and money, their wonderful relationship will break.

So if Katy and Orlando usually have a warm affection for each other, they will get away from divorce.

They are different people.

They need to be tolerant of each other’s different opinions.

Also, be careful about Orlando or Katy’s greed, interests, and money.

Thank you for listening to JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI’s tarot reading🙏

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