TAROT READINGS:Empress Emerita Michiko And Kei Komuro’s Honest Thoughts

It seems that there is quite a distance between Empress Emerita Michiko and Kei Komuro.

However, you may be able to understand what the relationship between the two will be in the future from their feelings.

I would like to tell you all their thoughts that Empress Emerita Michiko and Kei Komuro don’t show their emotions very much.



Empress Emerita Michiko is having a lot of trouble with the Komuro problem.

With Komuro’s problem as a symbol, the imperial family continues to feel uncomfortable.

And, under such circumstances, the hearts of the Japanese people may move away from the imperial family.

This is probably a worry to Empress Emerita Michiko.

Komuro’s problems are making her feel very sad.

Now, junka∞Akitokimi tells you the true feelings of Empress Emerita Michiko and Kei Komuro.

How does Empress Emerita Michiko feel about Kei Komuro?

The Chariot(reversed), Strength(reversed), Temperance, Death, The Sun(reversed), The Star(reversed), The Moon(reversed).


Ace of Pentacles, Seven of Cups(reversed), Five of Wands(reversed), Eight of Cups, Four of Pentacles, Ten of Cups(reversed), Four of Swords.

Junka∞Akitokimi can feel the feeling of Empress Emerita Michiko, “I don’t want to see Kei Komuro.”

And because Kei Komuro is hiding something or lying, she may feel that he is an unreliable person.

I can also read the feeling that Empress Emerita Michiko does not want to have a conversation with Kei Komuro.

She may even feel uncomfortable talking with him and she’s been so stressed lately.

It seems that Michiko Empress can see the essence of Kei Komuro.

How does Kei Komuro feel about Empress Emerita Michiko?

Temperance(reversed), The Moon, The Lovers(reversed), The Emperor(reversed), The Tower, The Hierophant, The Sun.


Four of Swords, Knight of Wands(reversed), Knight of Swords, Seven of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles, Eight of Cups, Page of Pentacles.

Junka∞Akitokimi can feel that Kei Komuro is angry with Empress Emerita Michiko.

Kei Komuro is very short-tempered and gets feisty.

Kei Komuro may be frustrated because he has some dissatisfaction or is trapped in the profits and consequences.

They may have a big argument.

From now on, Kei Komuro will feel that he has no choice but to take some action or move.

They will have a void of calmness or warmth and a savage environment.

Kei Komuro has the wrong values for Empress Emerita Michiko and he is dishonest about her.




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