TAROT READINGS:Catherine Middleton And Meghan Markle’s Honest Thoughts①

There are rules that you must follow when you marry into royalty.

That is, once you marry into the royal family, you can not be politically active.

The royal family is refraining from voting and running to protect the political neutrality of the royal family as stipulated in the Constitution.

And because of the political neutrality, people from every walk of life can have a sense of unity and involvement with the royal family.

In the US presidential election, Prince Harry and Meghan made political statements.

As a result, it was reported in the media that Catherine was as traumatized as Prince William.

Catherine looks pretty overwhelmed and emotionally drained.


Junka∞Akitokimi can read what Catherine thinks of Meghan.

The Lovers(reversed), The Magician(reversed), The Fool, The Devil, Death, Temperance(reversed), The Hanged Man(reversed).


Knight of Swords(reversed), Five of Pentacles, Four of Swords(reversed), Nine of Swords(reversed), King of Wands(reversed), Ace of Cups(reversed), Five of Cups(reversed).

It is expected that the difficulty of communication between Catherine and Meghan will be a problem now.

Catherine might think that Meghan is hiding her true intentions.

I really hate her!!!!!(Catherine thinks)

Catherine feels so uncomfortable with Meghan.

It’s very difficult to make up for them.

If Megan is reborn and becomes another person, the relationship between the two may be fixed.

But can Meghan really enhance her spirituality?

No more, Catherine will be so worried, desperate, and mentally exhausted about Meghan.

When it comes to Meghan, Catherine becomes very emotionally unstable.

So even if Meghan indirectly attacks the royal family, Catherine may be quite hysterical.

The Moon, Judgement(reversed), Justice(reversed), The Emperor(reversed), The World(reversed), The High Priestess(reversed), The Hanged Man(reversed).


Page of Wands, Six of Wands(reversed), Knight of Pentacles(reversed), Seven of Swords(reversed), Queen of Cups(reversed), Nine of Pentacles(reversed), Queen of Swords(reversed).


From the perspective of Meghan, she knows that they have very bad vibes from each other.

Though Meghan thinks Catherine is actually nothing but a nuisance.

Meghan is thinking about what to do about the relationship between the two, even if she wants to take the next action, she can’t move.

Also, as usual, Meghan is good at playing the heroine of tragedy.

Although Meghan played the heroine of the tragedy herself at first, it seems that she has recently become a drama queen from acting.

Catherine has an advantage.

If Meghan thinks such as “I am stronger than Catherine”, she is full of herself and behaves as if she’s the centre of the world.

There is no doubt that Meghan will continue to do a lot of tricks against Catherine, hiding her true intentions or bargaining.

It is an inauspicious time in four pillar astrology for Meghan last year and this year.

Especially when inauspicious time in four pillar astrology, Meghan has to develop her spirituality.

It’s time to learn a lot from others.

Meghan should accumulate good karma.


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