The Revelation of the Tarot Card on October 30 ~ Your living tips

Hello, this is Akitokimi!🙋 I think that those who are interested in Japan, those who like Japan, and those who like divination surely see this blog. I would be happy if you like this blog even more! And I have not yet written the popular category of this blog 【Japanese Compatibility Divination】! Now I write about zodiac sign, but there are so many fortune-telling applications, so it’s quite difficult to get time for zodiac sign. Therefore, please wait for a while. Then, I will tell you the revelation of this week’s Tarot card.🔮   Today’s Tarot cards are reverse of Four of Swords, reverse of Ten of Swords, Four of ‥‥

The Revelation of the Tarot Card on October 16 ~ Your living tips

Welcome.Hello, Akitokimi!😉 Be sure to check the trends and announcements of JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI at blogs and e-mail magazines, twitter, facebook, google + etc. Basically we are uploading the contents sent from this blog at SNS so if you check this blog even once a week it will be okay so please be relieved! 😄 Well, this week we will also tell you what Tarot cards want to tell!

The Revelation of the Tarot Card on October 9 ~ Your living tips

Welcome.Hello, Akitokimi!😉 Yesterday, I started ‘Your Fortune for 2019’ in Japan. [Your Fortune for 2019] is fortune your fortune in 2019. 【Your Fortune for 2018】 【Your Fortune for 2017】 【Your Fortune for 2016】 【Your Fortune for 2015】 【Your Fortune for 2014】 【Your Fortune for 2013】 In this way, JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI continues to divining fortune of next year for six years on the net. Therefore, it is reliable fortunetelling in Japan. And from this blog, there are also people who applied for Your Fortune for 2019! Although there are as many stars as fortune-telling sites on the net, thank you very much for choosing JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI.🤣 Fortunetelling has an image of fraud, but ‥‥