TAROT READINGS:Catherine Middleton And Meghan Markle’s Honest Thoughts①

There are rules that you must follow when you marry into royalty. That is, once you marry into the royal family, you can not be politically active. The royal family is refraining from voting and running to protect the political neutrality of the royal family as stipulated in the Constitution. And because of the political neutrality, people from every walk of life can have a sense of unity and involvement with the royal family. In the US presidential election, Prince Harry and Meghan made political statements. As a result, it was reported in the media that Catherine was as traumatized as Prince William. Catherine looks pretty overwhelmed and emotionally drained.   Junka∞Akitokimi ‥‥

TAROT READINGS:Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ And Prince Harry’s Honest Thoughts

The honest opinions of Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ to Prince Harry. Now open the door to Queen Elizabeth’s heart and see it!! Junka∞Akitokimi reads Prince Harry’s private thoughts to Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ with tarot cards. We succeed in solving the mystery of their true feelings.