Revelation of tarot cards on September 19

Hello, it’s AKITOKIMI.(´∀`☆)(☆´∀`)

Immediately, I received a comment on the revelation of the tarot card.

“The revelation of tarot cards has been revived. I would be happy if you could continue to do so. “

I am very glad to hear your comments, and I would like to continue if there are those who are wanted.

After all, it will be quite encouraging when there is such a comment, or fulfillment, because the sense of mission comes out, we will try our best.

Let’s hear the revelation this week!

The reverse location of The High Priestess, Justice and Ten of Swords were developed.

Then, we’ll see revelation.


If you see a biased view, criticize others more than necessary, and attack your opponent with opinionated and biased

The time will come when it is sure to pay you back later.

In other words, the present Act becomes the past, and it becomes a cause, and it returns as a result in the future.

There is no reason not to be able to be acquitted by lowering  and hurting the person.

You have to bear the responsibility of the past.

It becomes a painful event, and it returns to me someday.

It is you who have inflicted the most severe pain.

Remember that.

Thank you very much for listening to the revelation of tarot cards.

It has become a little heavy content today…

This contents are also to be able to say worldwide by a social thing by personal talk.

Be as gentle and considerate as possible. If you do that, you will return in a good direction, but if you do a bad thing you will get back to yourself.

It’s you as a cause and effect, but you have to pay a bill equally.

There are no cause and effects.

There is a person who says so, too, but I think [I have that certainly.] as expected.

Then revelation of today’s tarot cards is finished.


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