Revelation of tarot cards on September 11

Revelation of the tarot cards which start from this week. AKITOKIMI does fortune-telling in order to be the hint through which everybody lives. Tarot cards tell you the way where you live.♪

Revelation of tarot cards on September 11

Hello, it’s AKITOKIMI.ヾ(。´∇`【゚+.゚нёιιο゚+.゚】´∇`。)シ

I talk about revelation of tarot cards once a week from today.

Well, even a Japanese blog is writing revelation of tarot cards, but would I like to know what revelation from tarot cards is?

What is the one as revelation of tarot cards?

That means that I’m handing revelation down instead of God about God’s wanting to inform people of this all over the world.(`・ω´・)+

I’m asking tarot cards as follows.

“What would God like to inform to people of all over the world today?”.ヾ(゚0゚*)ノ

Then tarot cards answer obediently.

Tarot cards speak for God’s word, and it’s said that you’re informing me.

Indeed tarot cards, something like a translation system.

Something even so, tarot isn’t a machine, live like a human.

So I have to do tarot importantly.I’d like to make it tarot gently and cherish it.

When fortune-telling ends, the thankful word and feeling to which I say “Thank you very much today.” are important.


Queen of Swords, Eight of Wands, and The Hermit were unfolded.

So let’s look at the revelation.((´I `*))♪

You may be intellectual and emotional.

Though they’re intellectual, you’ll be emotional.

When you’re logical and can also understand the feelings, but that’s overdone, they become too emotional, and it may be the one for which others are criticized.

Then things don’t rather work.

The one as things happen suddenly and when being not sometimes made of the hand at all, is here.

Even if sudden development happens to a situation,

it’s necessary to look into the own thought at such time and consider.

The method to which you went so far may not always be right.

Because you’re tied to your way and way of thinking, something which isn’t seen may be a lot of ones.

How about changing the way?

Doesn’t a partner have partner’s way of thinking?

How to feel may also depend on a person.

If you’ll be seen from the different angle, something which isn’t seen is being also seen.

If you’ll also make it far-sighted, something just different is being seen.

As there are the length, the side, a slant and the bottom variously if a square will be developed.

It isn’t right to see from front completely.

That was the revelation from this week’s tarot card.

Next week we will also be making a tarot card revelation.

In this revelation, I am glad if it is energetic or encouraging to everyone who has seen this blog.

Even a little, I think that I can become a hint of your life. 

Thank you for litening!!。” ゚☆,。・:*:・゚★o(´▽`*)/♪Thanks♪\(*´▽`)o゚★,。・:*:・☆゚”


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