March 9 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

It is also a fact that you see signs of change everyday. Just because the change is large and small, it may be overlooked at times. JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI will tell you all the precursors and ways to connect all the trivial opportunities to your success.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 9

You born March 9th is skillful in grasping the concept of things and has a lot of creativity.

You are interested in researching and exploring the universe surrounding us using various emotions such as reason, body, emotion, spirit.

You are interested in anything and you can not be satisfied until you understand why any problem is fundamental.

You do not like peeling out the appearance, swinging authority, or acting on favorably.

You are trying to live a natural way.

You stand on the side of those who are ideal, socially uninformed, trying to protect the poor, weak.

But yourself is powerful and has a great appeal to attract others.

You are strongly inspired and it is okay to believe intuition and act.

You may be relying entirely on your instinct.

As you command your sixth sense, you will often choose the difficult path of going against seemingly reasonable common sense.

That is when you make a crucial decision in human relationships and in life.

You may be accused of not reaching the ground from people, but in reality you understand well how the real world is moving.

Even if you put a label such as a strange weird person from a person, you are a person who can see what is sophisticated and supernatural than an ordinary person.

So you will be a good counselor.

Perhaps you may give a unique opinion that you have never thought of before.

In your mind there is a desire to travel on a stable conservative side and freedom and to play in the world of dreams and imagination.

If you impose your own heavy responsibility (family, work, social position) on yourself, you will suffer frustration.

Because you are a competent person, you will soon depend on people.

You should keep the door for yourself open at any time.

From time to time you get out of it, letting you disseminate adventurous and reality.

You experience a great turnaround in life many times.

It is a very natural progression that you go to a different place apart from specific work, place, or relationship.

You like change and are cautious about relationships that are too intimate.

Even if you do not know the deep part of yourself and are aware of your personality a bit, you may be surprised to find out that you have great power on yourself one day.

If you become aware of this power and begin to demonstrate it, you should be able to enjoy a whole new side of life.

●Your health born on March 9

Be careful not to hurt your health by being subjected to excessive stress or taking too much responsibility.

Also be careful about the depression that occurs if you can not demonstrate your creative talent and you can not get a better job.

Liberate the active part of yourself and accept yourself.

Partner selection is important for happiness.

●Advice for you

You are more to know yourself. Let’s decide what you have to do. Sometimes it is better not to measure yourself by others’ standards. Please refine your charm and have the courage to go as far as possible.

●Your advantages

Intuition is sharp
Have ability to predict
Abundant ideas

●Your disadvantage

Have a habit of sacrificing yourself
Attitude of stiffness
Stress-prone person

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