March 6 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

“Various things are not going well because of bad luck …” Just thinking so, your life born March 6 will not change. In order for you to grasp happiness you need a “decision”. Please know the trials that you will overcome in the future and the success you should grasp first.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 6

You are attracted by people, circumstances, environment, music, play, art, etc. that fits your senses. You also have the charm you do not even notice.

If you want to succeed at work or want to grow humanly, you should understand your charm and think about how to use it without accepting anything.

You approach closer to what you caught, without any resistance.

You can not deny or forget that beauty, even if you know it as a fault.

You are caught up before being noticed and noticed.

Perhaps you are aware of the sharpness of sensitivity that you are not even aware of, or because you admire mystery or romantic things.

You have a habit of projecting the idealized image in yourself to the outside world.

You unconsciously see with great expectation.

When you are struck by beautiful things, you do not see the true appearance but see what you think you want.

It is reflected in its eyes that his inner desire is closer to perfection.

In other words, you are in love with yourself reflected in water.

There are also many people born on 6 March who think that it is all about beauty, so please do all of your life in order to make it your ideal and do not miss that sacrifice if necessary.

You also have yourself appreciated by people and appealing enough to be worshiped.

Such attraction is often out of the theory of the world.

Everything that stimulates the sensation, touch, sound, color, smell and taste collectively become a bouquet and will give you power.

But sometimes you can not escape from them.

Some people become slaves of desire and longing.

However, in most cases, just feeling just can not satisfy the feeling of loving and respecting beauty deeply.

Idealize the subject of affection is the ultimate hope.

Once you have idealized, you may even think that you want to live and assimilate with it.

But sometimes a sad ending is waiting there.

Once you are crazy, magic will melt away and you will return to your original self.

You must remember that when you feel attractive to something, or when you attract others, you become objective.

It is the key to controlling life and showing the possibilities as a human being.

●Your health born on March 6

You may wish to be surrounded by the most beautiful things possible.

If possible take a leisurely walk on the country road or take a regular holiday and leave the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you have flower beds or vegetable fields, gardening will be a perfect hobby.

Then you can enjoy beauty and also exercise.

You seem to think that health is a better look.

You are cautioned because you like meals, colors and tastes, and smells that are good.

You tend to take excessive amounts of food, especially animal fat, that leads to obesity.

It is difficult for you to suppress such a desire.

●Advice for you

Beauty is not the only thing worthy of in this world.

Be careful not to defeat the temptation of beauty unannouncedly.

Please find out what the source of your power is really and use that power constructively.

Let’s also consider growth as human beings.

No matter how hard it is, there are times when we have to go ahead.

●Your advantages

Be blessed with an aesthetic sense
Do your best with all your affection

●Your disadvantage

Be easy to get drowned by sensuality
You are often influenced by others

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