March 4 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

If you are born on March 4th, you have troubles or disturbances in your way of living, you will be able to see the answer what you can do if you know the factor of the pain. And you will be released from that suffering. JUNKA ∞ AKITO KIMI will divine the change that you will visit in the near future.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 4

You born on March 4th, you can live and work alone even if you do not have much contact with the outside world.

You do not consciously choose to be alone, but as you realize it seems that there are many times as long as you live.

Sometimes physically and sometimes mentally separated from friends and surroundings.

But for you, being alone is an opportunity to create something rather than loneliness.

Even if you are invited to go out and have fun, you may choose to stay home.

You are not scared or passive, because you think that it is more fun.

Perhaps you think that this isolated state is essential for doing a good job.

Especially for those who are blessed with creativity.

You have a great concentration from usually, but when you are alone you will not get in the way, you do not have to worry, it is comfortable.

On social occasions you will often have best friends who can communicate with a few, rather than lightly associating with many people.

You look at familiarity as a special thing and tend to look for it in personal relationships and personal belongings.

You are the happiest when you are alone in a place where you can be safe, surrounded by what you like.

You will be worried about a place that is too wide or where a lot of people are caught.

Nonetheless, if you attend a gathering that the heart can forgive, you will feel a special kindness and share that feeling with everyone.

It is a natural appearance to try to build houses, facilities, offices, etc. according to their taste from the character seeking comfort.

You like simplicity and moderate comfort.

Perhaps because you are not so strong in material desire and not moved to luxury things.

Even if you do not know, you will feel great satisfaction if you know the results of your work.

You are shy, but when you need it you become more aggressive and you must remember to strive for what you want.

If you can become more self-assertive, you will find that wearing by alone alone is very useful.

●Your health born on March 4

You need to make efforts to enrich your social aspect. Everything you can enjoy with others will work positive.

Exercise should have a social element such as team sports and dance, it will be effective both physically and mentally.

You are good at cooking enough to make your own meal, but especially glad you will have the opportunity to socialize with a meal.

But you may always feel painful if you are with a person and have been unable to hold your time and space for a long time.

This may be caused by a psychological problem caused by childhood when there was no privacy or rejection from parents.

●Advice for you

Let ‘s make an effort to get along with more people. Increase opportunities to interact with other people, and not to be alone means to make it a means of escape from reality. Do not leave it, it is to go outside.

●Your advantages

To be independent

●Your disadvantage

You are obsessed with you

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