March 31 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

Knowing yourself is the first step to become happy. Who is the real you? What was you born for? Let’s be happy, knowing everything.
Let’s use JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI’s fortune telling for your life born on March 31.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 31

You born on March 31 is a person with guts to overcome obstacles and keep on moving forward.

You have tenacity you will never give up.

For example, it is rare for you to get down to a position as if you took a post.

Even though you have your opinion, you think that it would be better to keep silent as long as you lose a cozy place.

Nonetheless, you have a wonderful creativity in a critical phase, thinking about effective countermeasures, and you may be thankful to your boss.

Working with you is not quite easy.

Because you disagree with your colleague or make a demanding request.

On the other hand, you grasp your position and you have enough sharpness to survive a competitive society.

You have a chance of a big leap associated with your work probably once or twice in your lifetime.

If you dare to challenge, you will succeed even if it takes time.

If you miss this opportunity, your hidden talent may not be noticed.

You are challenging spiritful but you tend to choose a safe path rather than a dangerous bet because you are safe first and severe in terms of money.

You are perfect as your boss, but you are the best person as a companion or partner.

Because you have unique ideas and creativity you will contribute to the work you work on the team.

You can live by yourself, but you will live more lively when you have a wife or husband.

Since you tend to be late to marriage, you may get adopted, or you may marry a person who already has children.

You are not a cute type of popularity.

However, you express your love in a unique way, tease the other people or demonstrate a distinctive sense of humor, so your warm personality will be transmitted.

However, when you receive outright love from a person you are unconsciously frightened, become a cynical, show a twisted attitude.

If you are rejected from your parents when you were a child, you may be seeking compassion fruitfully.

They will not miss your signs if other people get along well with you.

You are intuitive and you want the same for your loved ones.

For example, if you do not say anything, you want me to understand my feelings.

You will not want to be a great leader, but if you want it you will stick and you will get one.

You emphasize reason rather than emotion.

Since you are a type of thinking in the brain, not in the mind, let’s face intentionally and frankly, not appealing to the sentiment.

●Your health born on March 31

The bad thing for you is to forcibly suppress frustration and anger.

Especially when you become middle-aged and older, this may cause chronic illness.

For example, gastric ulcer, hypertension, cancer etc.

You should express yourself straight.

You will compromise yourself in places where people ‘s opinions conflict, and you will often mediate arbitrage.

Your doctor may recommend strong exercise such as running, boxing, gymnastics, hill climbing etc.

You will be attracted to team sports such as baseball and basketball.

●Advice for you

Take advantage of thoughtfulness and also look at your instinct.

You like argument, but that point is cautionful.

Let’s make affection more open.

It is to control the anxiety that it may be rejected by others.

●Your advantages

clear brain
have a strong sense of practical use

●Your disadvantage

tend to suppress emotions
you are more likely to accumulate frustration
split hairs

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