March 30 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

You will not get lost anymore! In the future era it is important not to be swayed around and to stand on your own feet and move forward. Let’s show the fate that you have inherently. This is “the way you live.”
Let’s use JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI’s fortune for your life born on March 30th.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 30

You born on March 30th is suddenly furious.

You do not mind what people say.

Therefore, you will be greeted with hostility by someone and you will get in the way while you are struggling towards success.

You do your best to bring out good results in private life or work, but no matter how many times you fail repeatedly, you will not be frustrated.

After all, even though the strength of your will brings success, you may be recognized by the public later in life or after you die.

You stick to your image. And you carefully wonder what people think about yourself.

This tendency manifests prominently when criticized by people, you put out embarrassment and suffering in your heart without covering up.

But, you make such a frustrating lesson a good lesson, and you will continue to strengthen the indomitable spirit.

You are a type going on my way, so freelance work would be good for you.

As you enter an organization, you tend to conflict with your boss or colleagues.

If you can act freely as you think, trouble should be less.

Nonetheless, you can not think of two things at the same time, because you only draw energy in one direction, you may find it difficult to share the same dreams with others.

You are very passionate. You are always driven to something, and as you relax less, the tight energy makes you tired of the surrounding people.

Also, as you are in childish innocence, you may have trouble with emotional aspects.

Since you are a type that you can acquire academic and cultural knowledge on your own, you may not get much from school education.

Fortunately, however, you can figure out what you want to do with your head clearly, so you should naturally know what kind of skill to wear.

You will not need a lot of friends.

When you have a success, you are not good at various relationships with the world that you naturally have.

You nostalgic about the lost privacy and you may think that you had not succeeded.

Either way, it is distinctive that you can only advance as you go.

Then, you are not a blood-stuffed human being, it is almost like a mass of energy.

Sometimes you will become yourself equal.

You deal with others very strictly.

People around me will be prepared to not mind what they say.

People who are comfortable with you will be comprehensive, not noisy and able to tune.

And if you go out with a person other than work, that person needs to be a fairly unique person.

Even if you succeed, sometimes you are not good at having your friends happy, and you will force your desires against your friend or lover.

You have a very complex emotion, but sincere, you are a person who works hard for your family and friends.

●Your health born on March 30

What you should pay attention to is stress.

When you are passionate about something, you may not spend a lot of rest and spend all the time you are awake on it.

It is okay to drink medicine occasionally, but there is a risk of getting intoxication unless you are careful.

Because you work on everything seriously, you suffer from headache, eye pain, toothache etc.

To relieve such symptoms, bathing, massage, herbal tea etc. are effective.

Even if the doctor advises you to revise a lifestyle that is prone to stressful heart attacks and stomach ulcers, you will not hear.

You should avoid smoking, coffee and alcohol, but they are part of your life and you may not be able to stop by any means.

Please be careful.

●Advice for you

Let’s calm down your mind first, trust people and briefly explain.

To avoid conflict, wear dating techniques so that people do not feel uncomfortable.

To compromise on human relations is not your weakness or corruption of your will.

Let’s treasure yourself more.

●Your advantages

Have ability to predict

●Your disadvantage

Easy to accumulate stress
Tends to be isolated

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