March 3 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

In order to make you happier than you do now, please get to know “yourself” first. JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI will divine carefully what you will get in the future life and important events and happy future you will visit.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 3

You born March 3 have a very clear vision of what you want to accomplish.

You are very rich in imagination, but on the other hand you have a realistic aspect and you can move ideas to execution.

You differ from people who give priority to praise and reward rather than something useful.

You will understand what is actually needed and try to provide all of your talents that might be useful for that.

You can draw not only the whole picture but also fine points.

You are well-informed and realistic in terms of work. In private life, however, you may want to take care of the private part away from work and want to live in a way to keep it closed.

You have a somewhat escape habit, you break into the bustle of the real world and escape to an imaginative romantic world.

Nonetheless, you may not be sacrificing either work or personal life, you may well balance well.

Even if you are a sociable type, shy type, you are crazy about planning something.

It is a big characteristic that you pay close attention to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

You will carefully check the problem before taking action.

As a matter of fact, you seem to be enjoying the plan itself more than doing it.

However, at least two hazards are prone to occur, because it uses too much power to arrange the plan.

One is to get caught in a mire in the planning stage and to be unable to do it.

The second point is that we predict too much about what is going to happen, all the preceding things are known, and we are not interested in putting into practice itself and abandoning the plan.

Also, you will not be good at choosing which way to take.

Rather than thinking for a long time to decide which way to act, it may be better to decide at once and decide.

You have a habit of getting absorbed in something so that you can not see the surroundings.

Even though this brings great satisfaction, it seems you do not like to think about why you become crazy enough to forget such reason like this.

Perhaps you think you dislike your personality or you are not satisfied.

It may be because your parents cried in childhood and the surrounding pressure was too big.

Let’s love yourself more.

It is important not what you do but who you are.

It is a great plus for your work that you feel comfortable and full of satisfaction. Then you will have the confidence you need to plan and make it successful.

●Your health born on March 2

You are blessed with the ability to have a clear vision, as well as physical abilities.

However, sometimes, if you forcibly move the body beyond the limit, you will get exhausted.

If you get too tired, your immunity will weaken and you may get sick.

It is better to continue moderate exercise on a regular basis than occasionally doing intense exercise.

Because it is easy to encounter accidents, special attention is required so as not to be damaged in the lower limbs.

It is also to be wary of complications.

If you are careful about daily, some warning will be issued from the body. Please keep fat and harmful additives modest.

●Advice for you

Let me know yourself better.
If there are parts that you do not like, do not leave it alone.
However, do not pull your own legs with self-criticism.
When planning, it is to set up a moderate deadline.

●Your advantages

Observe the rules
Abundant ideas
Prepared accordingly

●Your disadvantage

Easy to have prejudice
Tends to make blind assumptions
Lack of self-awareness

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