March 28 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

Yourself “yourself” thinks “you” that the surroundings feel. It should be the same and surely different. We teach everything from your birthday and all the impressions surrounding you.
Let’s use JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI’s fortune for your life born March 28th.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 28

The face you born on March 28th look to the world is an innocent face.

You are steadfastly destined to walk your own way in your own life.

However, you will occasionally lose sight of the course.

You are crazy about what is in front of you.

Many things you are passionate about work-related things, and you demonstrate amazing concentration during work.

As you are engrossed, you will not be aware of anything and you will continue to work.

You are not the type to act on mind what people think.

But you are obedient and friendly, so you become a person whom everyone likes.

Besides, you are blessed with a sense of humor.

You accept the surrounding environment and familiar events without resistance. Both good and bad.

You do not have a creed that you will not refuse those who come, you just do not care.

You can become sociable and you may be in occupation to be in contact with people, but mostly you like to be alone.

You have a personality that values privacy.

No matter how praised you are from the world,You would think that a remote, isolated place is better.

You will not rush to the top position without looking at others at work.

Because you are innocent, you lack the powerfulness and severity to live life forcefully.

If you choose, you may stay at the lower level because it is comfortable.

It is natural to attract people’s attention if you get to the best position, but you are not confident that you can endure it.

Even though you have enough qualities, you just can not believe yourself.

So, you always have doubts about choices and decisions related to work.

As you repeat yourself, “Am I really good with this?” You will also be seen by doubts from the surrounding people.

On the other hand, you are endowed with friends, colleagues, families, or neighbors who support you sincerely.

In the role of an intermediary who will bring people together, you spare no time and do others.

You may be entrusted with an important department with some sort of orderly system.

Then, you will have conflicts between personal beliefs and expected roles.

You take care of private life and you think you need to protect yourself, so you rarely put yourself in a vulnerable situation.

You do not like being hurt anyway.

Even if you want a bond of deep mind, you may just be disappointed.

You can make good friends, but as soon as you are bound a little, you will draw.

Even though the other person showed a favor, if you suddenly turned away from her or him, she or he got a big shock.

You have very rich emotions, but you hide intense desire, desire, fear etc under the face of an innocent child.

●Your health born on March 28

You have a bright and positive character, but you lack self-cognitive ability and dislike psychoanalysis etc, so once you fall down you will take time to recover and you may get heavy depression.

If you are depressed, in a way it is a great opportunity to face your own deep psyche, so do not waste it.

Also please be careful of sudden accidents. Usually happens in places that have nothing to do with work.

●Advice for you

It is to pay close attention to the plan and to knead it over time. Take a holiday and think about yourself.

Let’s calm down and make the inside of your head empty.

Do not worry about saving appearances. Do not be afraid, believe yourself and try to move forward.

●Your advantages

Be independent
Cheerful and openhearted

●Your disadvantage

be always changing your mind

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