March 27 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

Your communication style will mature much more than now by rearranging the way you build your own human relationship. And that will also make your life better.
Let’s use the fortunetelling of JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI for your life born on 27th March.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 27

You born on March 27th are very individual.

Just like a child, you absorb what you learn soon and apply it in your own way.

You often wear a definite method without a mistake and often devise techniques that go beyond the know-how that the past people have built up.

Some of the people who were born on March 27 have a genius who is able to achieve the industry’s first accomplishment, but there seem to be many people with a talent to use unique ideas for something.

You will welcome new experience anytime.

On the other hand, you are very realistic and rarely fooled.

If you have struggled for a long time to succeed, you may become a tough person without sweetness.

You are not good at pulling love or being in sentiments.

You will not often show sympathy for others.

In short you have one aspect of human dislikes.

What you can be crazy from is a job, it is also mainly a technical part.

You are inquiring, so find something around the house, repair it, disassemble it to find out the mechanism, and reassemble it.

This kind of talent and interest may sometimes interfere with your emotional expression.

You may not be able to honest feelings, and then you may explode all the things that were suppressed in a stroke and hurt the people around you.

Also, you are very sensitive to social trends. For artists, businessmen, salaried workers, any occupation, we will quickly detect what the public wants and what we do not want.

Although it does not insight human psychology, it is just a story that can understand social value standards and their direction intuitively.

Even if you are not good at exchanging with individuals, you will be amazingly successful if you interact with the group.

You are not good at dealing with human emotions, but you have the power to see things objectively, and you are good at finding the root of the problem.

Although you do not put emotions on the table, you are actually a very passionate.

That is of great use in terms of work.

You can move people’s hearts with a frank approach.

Also, you have a habit of drawing lines on things and wanting to divide them clearly.

Like a child, you want to decide on white or black.

You dislike compromise, you will not admit gray.

Because you are sincere to others and to yourself, you will be able to evaluate your ability in a realistic way.

It may be difficult for other people to live with you.

It is because you are a person who is passionate about what you do not care about human emotions.

You are tough not only for yourself, but also for your family and partners.

You will be blessed with friends, but you will not be the type that makes people happy.

You are not good at flattering because of their stubborn and straight character, but silently to reach out to those who forgave your mind, to support you sincerely.

●Your health born on March 27

Because you are prone to accidents, you are cautious about situations like automobile accidents, where momentary carelessness leads to serious consequences.

You are likely to catch a cold, and there is a danger of becoming chronic if you leave your bones, joints, teeth and other diseases.

Because you are not willing to improve your living attitude, you will chronicize your illness.

Just a few minutes or hours, if you do something bad for your health, you can be seriously ill.

Something to be handled at work may be the cause of poor physical condition as it is.

You do not dislike to eat, you become obsessed with something, you will forget to eat.

●Advice for you

Let’s learn socialize and be more tolerant.

Sometimes you forget to work and have fun.

Let ‘s try to be kind to people and to understand their feelings.

Sometimes compromise is also necessary.

You are not strong enough that you think.

●Your advantages

Be full of confidence
Be proficient in expertise

●Your disadvantage

You do not take good care of yourself
You are hard to live together

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