March 23 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

“I do not understand myself”. Have not you felt like that? Everything you want to know is here, from your true appearance you have not noticed yet, to the possibilities hidden still more.
Let’s use the fortune telling of JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI (J∞A)for your life born on March 23rd.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 23

Born on March 23, you are curious about everything.

As you examine things you are interested in around you, you will come to basic events, thoughts, senses and perceptions related to the existence of human beings.

In other words, you are interested in life and death, youth and aging, various human emotions etc.

You are a type of scientific approach to life.

Even if you are not actually a scientist, you are constantly observing, investigating and thinking about familiar objects and people.

Even if you accept a new way of thinking, first try it yourself.

Even when you give advice to people, you only say opinions based on my experience.

Even when you decide the guidelines of life, you believe only what you saw with your eyes.

It is your experience that you make the judgment standard.

You naturally should not be cheated.

Also, you take great care in education gained from experience and do not easily throw it away.

You do not bend your opinion no matter how much you can falsely claim, and in this respect you can be said to be quite stubborn.

Once you think that you are the truth, there is a tendency to keep sticking to it.

You are also extremely versatile, but you will also be blessed with friends who are active in a wide field.

You are a person who is not afraid of risk, but even if you make it a gamble or a little adventure of daily life, you are cautioned with temptation to gambling.

Nevertheless, even if you know that it is dangerous, you can not stop acting with the urge.

The subject of your interest is mostly general, but sometimes it is attention to come across strange situations and weirdo.

People around you naturally did not notice, the quirky nature of your inner nerves will appear naturally.

You like children and have a lot of interest in children.

However, you are not childish like you, like kids fancy lovers, not too fun of playing.

You are in the same posture as heading to other interested subjects, without touching the sentiments or subjectivity, you are in contact with children with scientific inquiry.

There are a wide variety of fields where you are curious and thrust your neck, but what is more interesting is human beings.

Especially we can draw a lot of attention on people’s growth.

However, rather than seeking love and comfort there, it is a scientific interest to the last.

Therefore, even if you are keen on knowing other people, you do not care about people in real life.

It may be misunderstood that it is a sociable personality, even though it is simply curious.

●Your health born on March 23

Even if you do not pay much attention to your health, you read books and learn from others to know what is good for your health.

The question is whether you can fit this knowledge to yourself.

You should advise the surrounding people as objectively and theoretically as possible.

If you convince how healthy living can be useful for work and study, it will surely be accepted.

If that is not enough, there is no choice.

You become spiritually tired easily because you have curiosity of persistence about the nature of things and its role.

●Advice for you

It is to keep your mind gentle.

Just because you are interested in research subjects, you should not treat people like specimens.

Let’s refine not just knowledge but more sensation.

Please do not press your thoughts on others, please listen to the opinion of the other person.

Do not just follow your own interests.

●Your advantages

Attract people’s interests
Be considerate

●Your disadvantage

become a little bit too involved in something.
like peeping

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