March 21 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

Do you understand the abilities that you have? You may have your great merit that you can not utilize yet in work or love. Let’s use the divination of UNKA∞AKITOKIMI for your life born March 21st.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 21

You born on March 21 will be realistic and openly speaking.

On the other hand, you are simple, there are aspects that lack delicacy.

As you are not constrained by the general social framework, you will often be misunderstood by people around you.

You live in your own way, its attitude does not change in your daily life, in your workplace or in public places.

You seem to have even a predictive ability, but in general it will surf more realistic personality than a fantasy aspect.

You have the talent to set up an organization and lead the group.

However, things do not carry as I thought.

You will not go into a rage or an intrusive attitude.

Rather than having a person who does not understand me, you prefer to be alone.

Because you have confidence inside, you may be seen as a passive human being.

You like to move your body and express beauty.

An elegant body expression such as dance is perfect for balancing these two.

Also you will not rely on words.

You want people to understand their thoughts and emotions without explanation.

Because you are born leader, you can tell your thoughts very gently and with few words.

You have heartburns and you never give up if you believe it is correct.

For that reason you will not quit the fight.

It seems that you are giving people a feeling of indifference to things, avoiding involvement with the surroundings, but people get scared most when you get angry.

You have a childish side and you like kids very much.

If you grow up without being admired by the surrounding adults when you are young, you will become sweetened by your child when you become a parent.

You take care of spiritual means.

You will be attracted to the study of existing religions, religions, pursuit of service activities or mystery, and mysterious techniques.

But when you explore such consciousness of higher order, do not take dangerous things, such as drugs or too hard training.

It will be dangerous because your spirit is so pure.

What is more important than anything is that even if it is strange, you can execute your own unique self-expression without being disturbed by anyone.

Even in the worst case, it rarely causes annoyance to the surroundings.

If your power is demonstrated at the best, you will strengthen the people.

●Your health born on March 21

You will be fine even if you do not go out with others.

Having plenty of time for one person is important to both the body and mind.

Of course love is necessary, but you will accept love in the way you like, or when you do want it.

You would not like being afflicted with love.

Even when you are sick and nursing you, in fact you are having patience.

Even if you get sick you will cure it with your own power.

That way is sometimes quite unusual.

Your everyday meal may be a tedious monotonous meal for others.

You would prefer a healthy meal from a variety of menus.

●Advice for you

Do not take care of yourself only.

Let’s make your attitude towards others more flexible.

Forgiveness and forgetting are also important.

Let’s listen to the opinions of others and be flexible.

Please do not forget your efforts to express yourself.

Be overconfident or overbearing with caution.

●Your advantages

Have the courage
Be good at expressing yourself

●Your disadvantage

Lack of sociability

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