March 2 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

You do not know exactly what you are. JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI will tell you about the ability that you were born, the charm loved by the surroundings, and the turning point of the life that will eventually come. Let’s divine about “yourself” in detail so that you can live a more happy life.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 2

You born March 2nd is a very reliable person.

You show strong strong loyalty to family, friends, nation, even higher ideals and principles.

You respect the subject of your passion to a great extent. That is enough to say worship.

Once you dedicate yourself, you rarely throw it away.

But your unwavering loyalty may be an issue.

People who are subject to allegiance by you are sometimes very uncomfortable.

Indeed, feeling excessively cared, interested, dedicated, I feel cramped and can not move.

When you become a parent, it may not work with children who have the opposite qualities and want to go their way freely.

Of course, you may keep your family, friends, lover free.

Your faithfulness is not a thing to change according to the conditions or a means to protect yourself, it is a universal thing inherent in man.

You will have time to forget everything and immerse yourself in work.

Especially if the work is creative, everything else may be shut down from the bottom of my heart.

But then, not only will you be isolated from the world unrelated to work, there is also the possibility of becoming a narrow-minded person.

Perhaps you are not aware of the fact that enriching your work is a posture to seek various experiences.

Even if you start heading to the wrong situation, you can not withdraw from it.

Sometimes you do not intend to pull it. Even in scenes that never win, or a way to turn around the situation may be found, but the sacrifice to pay is greater.

On the other hand, you can do your best in another new field, even if everything goes bad.

Whether you win or lose, you are aware that you did your best, so the feelings are gentle.

It is more important than ever to balance the desire to achieve personal goals and the desire to devote more to universal goals.

First of all, it is top priority to wear a way to go towards the goal while giving way to the situation surrounding yourself.

Because you can not do its best to realize universal goals and ideals unless your idea is properly done.

●Your health born on March 2

Please pay attention to the way of life you are watching only dreams. When there is no contact with the reality, there is a possibility that a mental problem may occur. Build a proper lifestyle habit, exercise regularly and participate in social activities should be helpful in realistic way of living.

Any kind of exercise is good, such as competitive sports and training at the gym.

Let’s try to eat mainly cereals, root vegetables, nutritious soup and so on.

Please value interaction with loved ones, such as regular sex.

●Advice for you

Please live without departing from reality. Even if you let your heart play freely, please be realistic about your goals. Let’s think about what you need for yourself, about growing yourself. To suppress self is not a plus too much.

●Your advantages


●Your disadvantage

You have no sympathy
Lack flexibility
Attachment is too strong

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