March 15 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

To you who feel breathing astray feeling difficult to live in life and society. Please let go of all obsession and hatred and leave yourself to the mystery in your heart. JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI will release you from that suffering with deep prophecy!

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 15

You born on 15th March will aim for a high position in the place where you can exercise your head, company, social gathering, specialty field etc etc.

Moreover, you have native leadership ability and ability to attract people, so many people follow you.

You are curious and aim for height, but that is not limited to your position.

You would love to climb high places, including hang gliding, diving, rock climbing, climbing mountains and enjoying the scenery.

You should be able to overcome that fear by giving courage and figuring out the psychological reasons why you are scared.

Sometimes it is due to being unconsciously convinced that you should not exceed your parents.

Unconscious suppression limits your behavior.

Thus, if you are afraid to climb higher, you may be afraid of success than failure.

In general, you are interested in succeeding and becoming a top from an early age.

If you express your wishes in a form appropriate to the situation and you can slowly and steadily go to the goal, chances to succeed will also increase.

However, if your behavior is unfriendly, born of jealousy, confidence or persistent competition, your surroundings will not accept you.

However, if your behavior is unfriendly, born of jealousy, confidence or persistent competition, your surroundings will not accept you.

You should be alert if your hidden ambitions emerge even though you have no clear target.

It is not bad to have ambition, but when acting diligently to just get something, you must start thinking carefully.

Because there is a fatal nature that changes the direction of things to an unexpected direction.

In order not to bring bad results, you need to acquire skill, confidence, and flexibility and know the limits of your ability.

It is a very serious decision to decide whether to work jointly with people for a lifetime.

For example, it is very important to choose between self-employed and office workers.

In addition, you am forced to make important decisions in your private life.

Choosing a lifetime partner, having children, purchasing expensive houses where you can live forever, and so on.

You may extend yourself to have such a human relationship and postpone or eventually choose to live alone.

You pursue a free lifestyle to the last rather than the happiness and opportunity you get from human relations.

●Your health born on March 15

Care is required so as not to fall into a bad love affair.

Also, you tend to indulge in sex.

Despite how much pleasure is obtained, the desire is to escalate.

Moreover, it depends more and it may be hurt.

Talking with people who have similar problems or participating in psychological counseling or therapy of individuals or groups can help you find the cause and solve the problem.

Beware of addictive substances such as alcohol and medicine, be careful.

In eating habits, it is best to have positive interest in food through cooking.

You have a sense of cooking, you will have plenty of skills to make first-rate look and taste, so it will surely work.

●Advice for you

Even if you are not dissatisfied with the current situation, let’s find some fun.

It is nice to be aggressive, but selfish is a caution.

If you are kind and generous to your partner, you may be rewarded.

You may not have noticed yourself, but it is important to get away from your parents.

●Your advantages

Have ambitions
Be charisma
Full of enthusiasm

●Your disadvantage

Strong rival consciousness

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