March 11 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

Who on earth are you born on 11th March? Let me tell you the true figure that you can not see. JUNKA ∞ AKITO KIMI will divine your strengths, weaknesses, ability, future events, and destiny.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 11

People who were born on March 11 will progress with the times.

Even if you look like a liberal but it looks conservative, the way of thinking is progressive.

Perhaps you know that you are not interested in what is happening in the world, or you do not notice what is happening in the world, it is the same as saying good-bye to success in life.

In a fierce competitive society you think you can survive only those clever and clever.

But in your private life you will show a more unreal and relaxed aspect, go around fantasies, enjoy conversations without friends or friends with family, or plan a dream.

It is intuition that these two sides are tied together.

You feel uneasy as to be overtaken by others if you get caught off guard.

Perhaps you can not bear to be left out of the world.

Nevertheless, you will not bare fierce ambitions, and you will steadily advance things with a clear vision and confidence.

Even if you take a regular position, you will be in a position where you can expect promotion, but there is no such thing as doing excessive efforts or playing politics.

Anata wa aidea ga sugurete irunode onozuto mitome rare, s?? no shusse o surudeshou. Anata wa fur?ransu demo jieigy? demo, kakureta chansu o mitsukedashi, sore ni mukatte zenshin suru to iu tashikana sain? ga arimasu. Anata wa chansu o miidasu to, chokkan no tasuke o karite, mayou koto naku n?ryoku to enerug? to shisan o sosogikomimasu. Anata wa jishin no keiken kara dono teido no kiken’nara okashite mo daij?buka o kokoroete ori, muimina doryoku wa shinainode, t?shi-ka to shite mo gyanbur? to shite mo y?sh?deshou.
You are naturally recognized and will make a good career as the idea is excellent.

Whether you are freelance or self-employed, you have a certain talent to find hidden opportunities and advance towards it.

When you find a chance, with the help of intuition, pour capability, energy and assets without hesitation.

You know how risky it is to take risks from your own experience, you do not make meaningless efforts, so it will be excellent both as an investor and as a gambler.

One of your wonderful features is the discrimination eyes.

You not only can intuitively judge what is good and what is worth, you can instantly understand why.

Even though it looks cheesy with a phony, it may be able to distinguish what comes after it comes out great value.

You claim rights and want to manage things.

It is the same for both human beings and ones that you do not easily let go of what you have.

You are always in the center at home and you have great influence and say in your life of your parents and children.

You need to be careful not to cause hostility or disbelief in your child seeking freedom and independence.

In any case, it may be better to let the person freed a little more and loosen the power to manage it.

In the long run, you do not have to assert rights, you will know that essence does not change at all.

Eventually, intuition tells you that it is much more valuable that you are free, than whether you can make things as you want it.

●Your health born on March 11

You care about your appearance and try to give a good impression to people.

Therefore, you will need special care for your skin, hair, nails, teeth, etc.

Consuming the necessary vitamins is as important as using appropriate cosmetics.

If you are a good cook, show delicate aesthetic sensations such as served.

It is good to actively move your body, but avoiding competitive sports is safe.

●Advice for you

Be a thoughtful and emotional person. Please do not get caught in the visible goal.

It is to use more energy for spiritual growth.

You will need a mind that you think you do not have to go through as much as you want.

●Your advantages

You have good hobbies

●Your disadvantage

Greed desire to monopolize
Intimidating attitude

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