March 1 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

If you want a richer and more happy life than you now, it is a must-see! To live positive is the shortcut to happiness. So, We want you to know about yourself, the possibilities, and the turning points that you visit. JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI will divine your destiny!

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on March 1

You born on March 1 have a born sense of artistic expression for various genres and a sharp susceptibility to the world surrounding us.

You are constantly conscious of beauty in human beings, nature, art, everyday life.

However, while you are an elusive fancier, you also have a highly realistic aspect.

Even if you act logically thinking at your workplace, there is also the possibility of acting as a whole in private life.

In whatever circumstance it is your feeling to make a decision about your future .

You can relax as much as you wish, be late for an appointment, or clutter your own circumstances.

At the same time, you may get badly scrupulous in time and organize it.

Everything is up to you.

It is not a behavior from capriciousness to such behavior but it is a matter of how much importance is put on what.

Your relaxed attitude is not slurpy, it may be a refusal to being compelled.

You stick to the appearance of others, but as much as you look for your own appearance.

It does not change even if you are an artist or a businessman.

It is because it knows that it is not necessary from any aesthetic sense but a necessary element to succeed.

If you are a business or politic oriented person, you will be a smart bargain that is attractive, yet knows how to push and draw.

You will understand that being a keen conscious person of beauty is the elegance and sophistication of the work he has done before.

The result is also important, but the way it got it is also important.

You will not have patience for those who do not know politeness, are bad manners, are misbehaving or are unfriendly.

You dislike heaviness, like to laugh and enjoy comfortably.

You will be absolutely disgusting to worry, especially living with personal worries.

At work, you will work on it straight from the problem and seek solutions.

However, if things go wrong in private life, you may not solve your troubles by overcoming difficulties.

If you find that it is probably a losing battle, you may leave it quickly before it gets worse.

However, this will keep you in your mind without resolving the emotional pain and confusion.

You should not be impatient or reject others, you should face the problems of human relationships and remember to settle together with people.

While having a high expressive power, when you are in such a situation you will be withdrawn, it will only inspire your feelings.

It is important that you firmly set the direction and continue to use force.

You are romantic, original, emotional confusion also noticeable.

You need attention as if you were in contact with someone in a nonsensical attitude and confused others.

●Your health born on March 1

You always need to be healthy.

Although you may be thinking lightly of meals and exercise, please do not forget proper nutrition and periodic medical examination.

You enjoy your meal and have plenty to eat, so you have a soft spot for a beautifully cooked meal.

Skin shipping is also important, as it is important for you to appeal to the senses.

Loving behavior and massage are also good.

Also, enough sleep is necessary.

Sufficient sleep is not only meaning to take a rest, but because the image-rich dream’s time is part of life.

However, it is careful not to be bound by your own role.

●Advice for you

Do not assume that there is an escape path anytime. Learn techniques to confront things. It is to think realistically what is suitable for you.

●Your advantages

Have an artistic sense
Have excellent skills
To have ambitions

●Your disadvantage

Have no decision
To escape from reality

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