mail divination

First of all, please listen to the opinions of the people who had their fortune read by JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI's "e-mail dvination".

I had my fortune told by JA and I had hope!!


Thank you very much for fo me this time. I am surprised that there are lots of parts that What you say is very true. It is amazing!I will try my best to keep my relationship with him as advised. Also, if there is something, I think that I will ask fortune telling at that time, Thank you very much.

I calmed down with JUNKA's fortunetelling.

from Malaya

Thank you for being fortune telling the other day. I am very sorry that the word of thanks came late. I was thinking about the result of fortune telling.
As JUNKA said, I had not understood each other for 13 years even though I dated him, we were growing apart and Things were falling apart. Thank you for divining me and telling me the truth.

I can not change his feelings, but I can change my future! !

from NUMA

Thank you for doing my fortune-telling while you was busy. I am grateful for this opportunity this time. I was happy and disgusting as I imagined. It is exactly what you have divined as to what kind of character he and he has. In this way, if you teach the content that you divined as a sentence, I can read it over and over again and it will be a signpost for me.What kind of events are waiting for me, such as making a big clash in the future with him? Now I can only imagine, but I will build a relationship with him that can overcome that challenge.I will make efforts as a person and a woman so that I can train true love as a partner with him.

By the divination of JUNKA, I will be positive.

from MAYA

Thank you divining me. I had an opportunity to meet him yesterday so I talked a lot. I talked to him all the things I felt uneasy, he was anxious about the same thing. I can not change my fate but I believe that I can change my destiny with my own hands. If I decided to do with him, I would have to make a considerable effort. I will definitely change the ending with my own hands.
Even if you work hard rather than regret not to do it. I think this is good.
I will make sure I can overcome my life whatever the result will be.

I was happy that JUNKA advised me as kindly.

from KEN

I was wondering how much I should pay before the fortuneteller gives "answer" to me at a common fortune-telling site. Even now, up to 50 messages from the fortune teller will be sent to me for money luckup e-mails. So, I could not believe JUNKA ∞ AKITO KIMI's fortune for the first time. But JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI wrote a heartfelt sentence, I really appreciate that sentence stuck in my heart.

I will refine myself to improve myself!

from J.R.

Thank you for divining. Certainly I had prejudice against him. I have not heard the opinion of people, I was lacking harmony with people, I was lacking in compassion. I noticed that you told me. Rather than asking his friends, should I talk with him on my own? It is a friend's opinion to the last, so I do not know the real feelings of him. I will try to talk to him once again when my feelings are organized.

Thank you for your polite psychic reading in a very busy schedule.

from Kobayashi

I regained calmness by being divined by you. I was deeply convinced by your divination. Thank you very much. He will be sure to come to my place when he feels uneasy. It is important to welcome with a warm atmosphere and healing and smiling face. To embrace him feeling like a mother rather than a woman.
It became possible to think that it would be fine if the precious person could become healthy. In order to become a woman who can always smile and welcome without too much thought, I think that I will do what I should do with the goal.

It is important to believe in myself and trust others.

from Miyuki

I noticed that I was worried about myself. I realized again that I need to believe in my feelings and believe in others. I thought that it was all his faults that had bad relationship with him. But the important thing is not to get love but to love from me. I am ashamed to blame others so far! Do not be afraid to love others more honestly, to be positive. I will carry it on! I think I will consult with you in the future. In that case thank you for your consideration.



JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI is a Japanese fortune teller.

We lead you to a happy path with truthful truth and We will deliver hope to you with light shining brightly in the dark!

Now, We will introduce JUNKA and AKITOKIMI who have a great spiritual power, a fortune teller of JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI!


deai9 Her Divination's History:for 32 years
Methods of divination:Four Pillars of Destiny(四柱推命)、Numerology、Palmistry、Physiognomy、九星気学、onomancy(姓名判断)、
Good counseling genre:work, love, affair,reconciliation,Interpersonal relations,finance

JUNKA has grown to be able to control spiritual ability under a fortuneteller called Great Witch in the UK, She is active as a fortune teller after returning to Japan. She has divined for over 30 years as a fortune-teller in Osaka, and has experience of purifying the soul of 350,000 consultants so far.

Methods of divination that JUNKA uses is four pillars of destiny, numerology, onomancy etc.
JUNKA's special consultation genres are love affairs, work, interpersonal relationships.
She also often divines business fortune (starting up a new business, compatibility with business partners, etc.).
She is consulted many times from all over the world and is a trusted popular number one fortune teller.


deai8 Her Divination's History:for 6 years
Methods of divination:Esoteric Tarot
Good counseling genre:work, love, Interpersonal relations

AKITOKIMI is a daughter of JUNKA, and since she were ancestral generations, AKITOKIMI have had a strange experience different from other people since early childhood. She helps people with magical powers such as foreseeable dreams, but at the same time she has been gotten on the wrong side of people and lived.

AKITOKIMI was able to control her own ability by training under JUNKA.
Since then, she has the experience to receive consultation from Japanese people along with JUNKA.
She can divine the other person's feelings, the way of love affair, how to deal with work, etc precisely in Tarot.

Six functions mounted in "E-mail divination"

It is fortunetelling that you can talk about troubles such as romantic love, work, family relationship etc by mail.
Why is JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI's "E-mail divination" chosen? Because it has six functions.
JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI's "E-mail divination" can be read easily by anyone, and functions are installed so that you can easily read it.

Function 1You can have fortune telling without worrying about time


With "E-mail divination", you can concentrate on fortune telling without worrying about the remaining time.
People who are hard to communicate and those who are nervous and can not speak much can be divined by JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI without worrying about the limited time.You can rest assured that it will not be affected by time.

Function 2You can read back the results of divination many times


Most of the people who choose "E-mail divination" rather than telephone fortune-telling are chosen because they can read back fortunetelling results over and over again.
Most of the people who choose "E-mail divination" rather than "Phone divination" are chosen because they can read back fortunetelling results over and over again.
If you choose "Phone divination", the results of divination will not remain as letters.
If you encounter the same troubles in the future from now on, if the problem reoccurs, you can find out how to deal with "divination book" attached to the email. It is the divination system I'd like to recommend to people who want to keep the results of divination closest.

Function 3"E-mail divination" can be viewed as "divination book"


Most e-mail fortune telling at other fortune-telling sites lists the contents of fortune telling directly in e-mail. Is not it often hard to see and it is hard to understand? JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI's "E-mail divination" has a part that is somewhat different from other fortunetelling sites.

JUNKA ∞ AKITO KIMI's "E-mail divination" is that it attached [PDF divination book]. If you have a mail address such as Yahoo mail or Gmail, we can attach a [PDF divination book].

The [PDF divination book] is emphasized in bold, underline, various colors, so it is easy to read and easy to understand fortunetelling.

You can save the results of divination as a PDF like a book.
So, if you keep it handy, JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI will be a guide to your life and we can guide you the way to go.

If you are not good at personal computers or you are not good at machines, we will write the results of divination directly in your mail. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Function 4JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI will answer carefully to the inquiry mail from you


Here, JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI has been told by many clients.

"I am really grateful for the quick response always." "JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI is very polite for confirmation e-mail, I am happy!"

The fortuneteller must also have a minimum manners. Fortune tellers not only divine but also have to reassure clients.

Although it is commonplace, a fortune-teller who can not carefully contact can not cherish clients.

JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI will thoroughly comply with detailed measures, We think that you can be relieved.

Function 5JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI carefully divines each person carefully.


We will divide your problem individually and deliver the results of divination. JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI carefully divides each person carefully so the answer is diverse. It is not fortune-telling like common computer fortune telling. We carefully write each word of the results of divination for that person.

Function 6100 kinds of cover page of "divination book"! !

seeing is believing. Please see 27 kinds of graphical and beautiful design of JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI. We will introduce 27 kinds out of 100 kinds.


JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI's "E-mail divination" is PDF divination book.

If it is divination book of another fortune teller, the cover will be covered with another person. The reason is that the number of covers is small. If the cover is miscellaneous or it looks bad, it will be an image down just by that, and you will lose the desire to see the contents.

So JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI's cover incorporates graphical images, so the contents become easy to see, and we can give "divination book just for you".

The cover you can choose is as follows.
  • gold ver.
  • green ver.
  • orange ver.
  • pink ver.
  • blue ver.
  • Leave it to JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI ver.

the flow of "E-mail divination"

Next, we will introduce the flow of "E-mail divination" in turn.

1.We will make a reservation by application form or by phone.

 If you would like to apply for fortunetelling please fill out the application form.

2.Please enter your consultation details and personal information.

 In your application form, please enter your name, date of birth, consultation details and so on.

3.We will make sure the contents of the consultation and estimate the fee.

 After you write the application form, we will email you about [confirmation of consultation content].

At that time, we will also make a [quotation of fee].

If you confirm the details of the consultation and the estimate of the fee, we will send you a "confirmation email" as the final confirmation.

4.We will send you a confirmation e-mail

We will send you a confirmation e-mail.At this point your consultation content has been decided. It can not be changed in the middle.

We write the following contents in "Confirmation mail".

5.Please pay when you receive our confirmation email.

 Please pay the charge via PAYPAL on divination's date decided by the fortuneteller.
Please note that you will be charged a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel the fortune-telling itself after the schedule has been decided. Please cancel before deciding a schedule with the fortune teller.
If you can confirm the transfer, we will send you an email with "Thank you for payment." From us. So it's safe to confirm whether you can pay or not yet.

If you cancel after paying you, we will refund the fee you reserved.However, it costs cancellation fee.

Cancellation charge is 50% of the booked fee.

6.We will e-mail divination for you and give you a divination book.

 After you pay the fee, we will send the results of divination within 3 days from the date we described in the confirmation email.
I will inform you precisely and accurately, so we will tell you with more than 1,000 letter.
Please only make one consultation content. Please note that since the second addition will be $ 20 as an additional question.

For example, the question "I want to know his true intention" and "What is going to happen to me in love with him?" Means that there are two questions.
Also, if there is a question for the results of divination of the fortune-teller, depending on the contents, it will be charged, so We kindly ask for your understanding.

After receiving "confirmation mail" in principle can not be canceled. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the inquiry form.

Will you protect personal information and privacy?

Your consultation content is information that only JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI knows, so it will not be known to third parties.
Also we will strictly manage your personal information thoroughly. Therefore, please do not worry about providing it to third parties for purposes other than fortune telling.

What kind of consultation can you do fortune telling?

There are restrictions on the content of consultation. You can not consult at the time of acceptance if it falls under the contents of consultation as below or if the fortune-teller judges that it is contents of consultation that can not be accepted.

  • Things about human life and death.
  • Things about crime.
  • Things related to lost things.
  • Things about stocks, investment, gambling.
  • Other matters concerning contents far from the contents of consultation.

Moreover, we will refuse use itself for soliciting solicitors and information gathering.

Can I cancel or change my reservation?

Please contact us as soon as possible to change / cancel your reservation. If you wish to cancel, please cancel before I send a confirmation email.

Can I use a credit card for payment?

Credit cards can be used for payment. It will be Paypal. Please proceed to the payment page via the confirmation email sent by JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI, and please pay there.

Is the divination of JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI a reservation system?

Yes. JUNKA ∞ AKITO KIMI's divination is basically a complete reservation system, so please make a reservation as soon as possible when you apply for divination.

When do I have to pay fee for divination?

Fee for divination must be paid within 3 days before divination's date. On the day you pay, or on the following day, we will send you a confirmation payment mail of [Thank you for payment ].

Could you tell me about the methods of payment available?

You can also pay by credit card. We accept Japanese yen, US dollar, Euro, Pound, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, Hong Kong dollar.  Please, you need to pay in advance.

I can not open the downloaded file.

Adobe Reader is necessary to view the purchased product (PDF file). If Adobe Reader is not installed, download Adobe Reader and install it. PDF file can be viewed by installing Adobe Reader.

To apply for "E-mail divination" from here.


JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI'S"E-mail divination"

  • Price:USD 72$, AUD 100$, CAD 93$, CHF 70, EUR 63€  GBP 57£, HKD 562$ NZD 110$,
  • Payments:Master Card, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB, DISCOVER, Union Pay.payment

 To Apply Please visit here



  • Price:USD 72$, AUD 100$, CAD 93$, CHF 70, EUR 63€  GBP 57£, HKD 562$ NZD 110$,
  • Payments:Master Card, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB, DISCOVER, Union Pay.

 To Apply Please visit here

Inquiries before applying for fortunetelling are here.


Regardless of the content of "Email divination", if you have any questions, consultation etc. Please do not hesitate to mail us. We will reply within 2 to 3 days at the latest.

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