About Terms & Conditions

Please be sure to read the following terms and conditions as you use the Fortune teller site "Junka∞Akitokimi".

The person who uses the Fortune teller site "Akitokimi" will agree to the terms of use.

When you can't agree, you can't use this service, so please accept it beforehand.

The 1st article:The purpose of this agreement

1.The Fortune teller site "Junka∞Akitokimi" (hereinafter referred to as "the service"). is a fortune teller service that can be consulted by meeting, the telephone and mailing.
2.This site provides a system for the use of this service, the management of this site, and the collection of the use fee, and the business which accompanies this.Other services are not involved in the consultation service and the contents of the consultation.

The 2nd article:Correction and change of this agreement

1.The contents of this agreement are revised as the need arises without announcing our site to you beforehand.

It appears on it on the top page of this service in the case, so please check it at any time.

2.When changing this agreement, after announcing a fee for use and an item about this other service, we assume that it depends on agreement after change.
3.You agree to the revised terms and conditions.

The 3rd article:Use qualification

1.Those who wish to use this site (hereinafter referred to as "you") apply for use in the application form according to the procedures set forth in the following our sites.
2.After agreeing to understand the contents by reading this agreement and also use it with the one of the contents, you'll apply for use by the procedure our site directs.
3.You agree to pay the usage fee according to the payment method prescribed by this site.
4.You are to provide personal information such as your name, date of birth, email address, and address to this site.

We may refuse to use this site for the following people.

  • 1.The person who is deemed to have no intention or purpose of using the service properly.
  • 2.In the past, in the service or other services, the person who has had misconduct, nuisance, unauthorized use of credit card, or other problematic acts.
  • 3.In addition to the provisions of this Agreement or the laws and regulations, the person who deems that it is inappropriate to use this service for other reasonable reasons.
  • 4.In addition, the use of multiple registration, (phone number ・ name ・ date of birth ・ address ・ Solid identification number) such as duplication, or multiple use, we may refuse to use.
  • 5.The person of the charge delay addict
  • 6.The person judged as invitation of a company in the same line of business and information collection
  • 7.The persons under 18 years of age
  • 8.The person who consults about a missing thing
  • 9.The person who consults about person's death and sickness
  • 10.The persons who are consulted about gambling, stocks, investments, etc.
  • 11.The person who has a sexual consultation beyond the limit
  • 12.Obviously, the person who consults is far apart from the consultation.

The charge also occurs in the case when fortune-telling was canceled on the way.
※If you find that you are under 18 years of age after being used, we will charge your parent a fee.

The 4th article:Precautions for use

1.The Fortune teller service provided by this site does not necessarily guarantee the result that the fortune teller originates and speaks.
2.Even if there is a difference in the result, we cannot guarantee that there will be any reason for this site.
3.f there is a dispute or trouble in the fortune teller and divination method, the content of the answer, the remark, and the result, Junka∞Akitokimi assumes no responsibility at all.In addition, please note that there is a case to be refused the fortune telling with the corresponding fortune teller.
4.All charges incurred will be borne by you.Therefore, it is not possible to withdraw the charge by the inquiry about the result and the content of the fortune.
It's shown about time of the fortune-telling from the conversation connection opening time of the customer and the fortuneteller to the conversation closing time.(phone psychic reading and Fortune-telling at the meeting)
Therefore, all objection is not admitted as agreeing that it is calculated as the fortune telling time from beginning to end of the conversation.
5.If you would like to discuss the prohibited matters, please note that the following is strictly prohibited.

  • The consultation for which specialist's knowledge of a law is necessary
  • The consultation concerning life and death, illness, and longevity
  • Advice on gambling, lotteries, stocks and investments
  • The consultation concerning the pass or fail of the exam
  • The consultation about a lost article and a missing person
  • The consultation that violates crime and law
  • It is when it is judged that it is difficult to talk with a person who has mental illness or who seems to have mental illness by telephone.
  • The consultation concerning periodical fortune-telling such as "When to marry" "when to meet" "when to get a job"
Please use the face-to-face fortune telling, telephone fortune-telling, mail fortune-telling service of this site after you agree with all of the above.

In addition, please understand beforehand that it may be dealt with as follows when you can not adhere strictly to the terms of use of our site.

Also, if we decide that this site is necessary, we may not be able to reserve your fortune reservation.

The 5th article:Price

1.This site is not a free service but a fortune-telling service for a fee.

2.The usage fee is posted on this service site. However, the usage fee may be unilaterally changed as necessary due to various circumstances. The fee is estimated from the time to fortune and is called fortune telling fee.

Since the method of calculating phone fortune telling is decided at each hour, please check on the page of [Phone Psychic Reading Cost].

3.Phone fortune telling also costs telephone charges besides usage fee.

4.After receiving "confirmation mail" in principle can not be canceled. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

5.The cancellation fee is 50% of the booked fee.

The 6th article:Payment method

1.I will explain the usage fee.In case of face-to-face fortune telling, it is only prepayment and cash payment.In case of phone fortune telling and e-mail fortune telling, please pay with paypal.
We can not accept any payment methods other than the above.
2.In the case of paypal payment, fee will be charged. It will be borne by the customer.
3.In addition, due to the characteristics of the form of sale of products, we can not respond to refund after service provision. As for the amount you paid, we can not refund your paid money. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
4.As for the issue of receipt, it can not be issued on our website due to the nature of digital contents.

If you need a receipt please keep the payment details of paypal.

The 7th article:Prohibited matter

When you use this service, you swear that you will not do the following actions.
①The act of attacking, reproaching, slandering a fortune-teller is prohibited
②The act of expressing obscene expressions against fortune-tellers are prohibited
③Acts that harm the fortune-teller's life, body, freedom, honor, property etc. are prohibited
④It is forbidden to sell goods to the fortune-teller.
⑤It is forbidden to invite politicians, religious activities or specific organizations to fortune-tellers.
⑥Acts that infringe the fortune-teller's privacy rights, portrait rights, or any other rights are forbidden.
⑦The act of impairing the credibility or honor of this site or fortune-teller is forbidden.
⑧With regard to the business of fortunetellers, acts requiring responses beyond the scope of business are prohibited.
⑨The act of intentionally manipulating the fortune-teller's information and evaluation is prohibited.
⑩It is forbidden to illegally access the computer and facilities of this site, act of using or providing a harmful program such as tampering or erasing information on this site, computer virus or the like, or acts that might be feared.
⑪Criminal acts or criminal notices, criminal involvement, acts promoting crime are prohibited.
⑫Acts that violate laws or public order and morals are prohibited.
⑬Acts that judge that this site is inappropriate based on reasonable reasons are prohibited.

The 8th article:Delete information and stop using

1.This site prohibits or restricts the use of this service immediately upon recognizing the fact that you are acting in violation of these terms in this service.
2.In addition to exercising the prohibition right etc., this site can take necessary measures such as deletion of writing and warning to customers.
3.This site shall have no obligation to respond to any questions made by customers regarding the exercise or exercise of the prohibited right etc.
4.This site is not responsible for the damage caused to the customer as a result of information deletion.
5.We will not guarantee the appropriateness and the truth of information in the use of this site.

The 9th article:Cancellation and suspension of service

We may temporarily suspend or completely suspend some or all of this service without prior notice to the customer if any of the following items occur.
1.We will suspend the facilities such as computers for providing this service and periodically or urgently perform maintenance of the system etc.
2.We will suspend if the service can not be provided due to unavoidable circumstances such as fire, natural disasters, power outages.
3.We will suspend if we can not provide this service due to war, disturbance, riot, disturbance, labor dispute etc.
4.In addition, we will suspend if this site judges that temporary interruption of this service is necessary for operational or technical reasons.
5.If this service can not be provided due to other unexpected troubles, this site can stop and abolish this service.
6.This site is not responsible for any reason for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the customer or a third party due to temporary suspension or suspension of the provision of this service.

The 10th article:Disclaimer

1.This site and fortunetellers do not guarantee to the customer anything about the completeness, accuracy, suitability for specific purposes, usefulness etc. of the information provided by this service.
2.We will assume only the obligation to make efforts to ensure that this service can be used properly and in principle shall not be held liable for any damages whatsoever for any damage caused to the customer in connection with the use of this service.

The 11th article:Revision of this agreement

The contents of this agreement may be revised without prior notice as necessary, in that case we will post it on our website etc. if there are important changes.

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