Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Virgo woman and Scorpio man

“I don’t understand you,” you seems to be troubled alone. There’s no point in even thinking about it ALONE. All right! Jun∞Aki will tell you the synastry of the two and his/her true feelings and the truth.

●The compatibility divination of Virgo woman and Scorpio man

Virgo woman and Scorpio man have some things in common, whatever their relationship, such as relatives, brothers, parents and children, friends or lovers.

For example, both have a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

They both understand their abilities well.

Also, since they are both good at reading an opportunity, they are not too much forced to fail.

Virgo woman is dedicated to her loved one.

Scorpio man is also dedicated to the person he love.

Taking care of each other while enduring minor weaknesses and imperfections is approaching a spiritual truth.

Scorpio man was born to know it.

He should explain it to her.

Then Virgo woman will listen to him.

Virgo woman respects Scorpio man’s opinion and judgment.

Besides, she believes that she should be fine with him.

When they just met, Scorpio man suspected Virgo woman.

But if he gradually find out she is honest and as good as it looks, he should feel relieved and feel very calm.

●Characteristics of Virgo woman

Virgo woman is kind-hearted, intelligent and honest.

On the other hand, she is anxious and sometimes has a sharp criticism like a needle.

But she is not complaining.

Virgo woman just want to correct the wrong things.

She is always a woman who is calm and loved.

●Characteristics of Scorpio man

If Virgo woman is trying to force Scorpio man’s secret to know, he will cause a fatal wound with a sharp poison.

She should leave what he wants to keep secret alone.

Then Scorpio man will love Virgo woman from the bottom of his heart and protect her from the enemy.

This couple is unlikely to have a fight about money.

Neither Virgo woman nor Scorpio man is a type that wastes money.

●Virgo woman and Scorpio man romance and sex

They will provide for the future.

Virgo women want more financial security than luxury.

Scorpio man often seems to be a sincere person.

He feels what is expected from the surroundings and tries to be a person as he is.

Otherwise, he will at least try to be “the self as he thinks”.

Virgo woman should believe, “He must do nothing to hide from me.”

But how about that? He is not “insincere” against her.

But it is not the same as not making a secret.

The fact that Scorpio man is hiding is often the case that she does not need to know.

They are not a positive type.

Both are very shy.

Virgo woman chats well with friends, and Scorpio man talks loudly with relatives, close friends and colleagues.

But both are not good at expressing emotions.

Their independence and their self-confidence will be hidden behind them.

Scorpio man is very passionate when he is having sex.

Virgo woman has a combination of detached and realistic parts.

Scorpio man will be pleased with her duality.

Because he also has two aspects.

Scorpio man wants sex as sacred and holy and sensual and erotic sex.

At first, they may not get along well, but if they realize that it is safe for them to put out their true self, all problems will disappear.

However, neither of them completely devotes all to themselves.

In Scorpio man, there remains a mystery of love that is not addicted to the desire of the body.

Virgo women have virgins that can not be touched by anyone.

●Advice on the way of Virgo woman and Scorpio man's love

Others may say that Scorpio man is “a cold person who doesn’t expose emotions.”

But Virgo woman knows that Scorpio man is not.

He is an emotional and broad‐minded man.

Others may say that the Virgo woman is “a person who is crazy about finding fault with people and is unimaginative.”

But Scorpio man know that Virgo woman is not.

She is a kind and poetic woman.

Both Virgo woman and Scorpio man keep true oneself only for important person.

These two people need enough money and a long vacation.

If they spend their leisurely days near the sea, they will be able to absorb energy and maintain mental stability.

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