Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Taurus woman and Pisces man

You do not know why, but you will be drawn to him/her by all means. You’re curious what kind of person he/she is.

Junka∞Akitokimi will tell you what he/she is seeking and compatibility with you to become more loved by him/her.

●The compatibility divination of Taurus woman and Pisces man

The encounter between Taurus woman and Piscces man is not a coincidence.

Actually, it was not the first time that they met.

Taurus woman and Piscces man love and hurt each other in the previous life, it is a combination of destiny that promised a reunion in the afterlife.

If Taurus woman and Piscces woman who were led by fate and wanted to get happiness in this world,

It is important to have a feeling of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

By doing so, they will overcome the conflicts frequently occurring between the two, and will be able to carry his/her burden together.

●Characteristics of Taurus woman

Taurus woman can not understand Piscces man who is good at confusing someone.

If Taurus woman wants to get happiness with Piscces man,it is important that Taurus woman strive to understand him at all.

Taurus woman is not trusted except for people who are simple and not two-faced.

In other words, the mysterious Piscces man is not the type that Taurus woman trusts.

However, She secretly gets the butterflies towards a different type than any men she has ever met.

Piscces man is unsteady and unstable. But Taurus woman is patient and confident.

Taurus woman tends to be depressed. Taurus woman and those around her should care about her.

●Characteristics of Pisces man

Piscces man worries a bit about borrowed money, meaning of life, future and so on.

But he never worries about love affairs, nor does he feel insecure.

Piscces man is most relaxed when I am in love.

Piscces man, like Taurus woman, also tends to fall into depression.

●Taurus woman and Pisces man romance and sex

Taurus woman and Piscces man are bound with a strong karma bond.

Taurus woman and Piscces man are strongly attracted because of the power of that karma.

Taurus woman also has a strong appeal to Scorpio man. She is attracted to his body itself.

However, Taurus woman feels to Piscces man is a much more emotional feeling.

That can not be expressed in words.

Meanwhile, Piscces man is seeking people who cook, people who believe, people who comfortes, people who love him.

And Taurus woman is good at all those things he asks for.

Taurus woman has a gentle warm heart.

However, Taurus woman sometimes felt miserable.

But after a while, Taurus woman became a gentle warm woman, she regains confidence that she will overcome any difficulties.

The troubles of Piscces man are complicated, it can not be solved as easily as Taurus woman thinks.

They have good compatibility with sex.

Both Piscces man and Taurus woman are sensual and romantic.

They want to enjoy sex as much as they like.

While I am having sex, I am relieved from the restraint of the earth and wish to go to a more distant place.

Taurus woman instinctively feels things through his own senses.

The restful Taurus woman has the charm of attracting people strongly.

She warmly wraps her loving man with kindness and heals with jokes.

She will not rule men and will always follow men.

Tenderness of Taurus woman fills the hearts of Piscces man who have been in love with a nightmare by a great satisfaction.

Taurus woman and Piscces man know how to satisfy each other ‘s desire.

Such two people will be able to taste a wonderful ecstasy.

●Advice on the way of Taurus woman and Pisces man's love

If Taurus woman was deceived by Piscces man or he leave her alone,her heart is hurt.

To heal it, Piscces man touches her with a sincere attitude, pledges allegiance,he must keep in mind that Taurus woman can be relied upon.

If Taurus woman does not want to lose Piscces man, she must understand that the exhausted Piscces man needs regular loneliness to rest.

They will go beyond many trials and deeply love each other.

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