Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Taurus woman and Gemini man

It was never a coincidence that you and he/she met. There is always “meaning” there. Let’s reveal all the compatibility between you and him/her.

●The compatibility divination of Taurus woman and Gemini man

Taurus woman sticks to things being secure.

Gemini man never clings to things, his mind is always free and vigorous.

Therefore, Gemini man seems to be stubborn and prejudiced about Taurus woman.

It is his surprisingly sophisticated talk that Taurus woman will trigger suspicion against Gemini man.

Taurus woman thinks that a talkative person can not be trusted.

Gemini man is very eloquent and always convincing.

However, Taurus woman is not easily persuaded.

If Taurus woman is convinced that she wants to marry Gemini man, she will try to marry Gemini man.

Taurus woman has many weapons for that.

She has a sensual appeal, affection, sense of humor, perseverance, indomitable spiritual power.

But with all these weapons Taurus woman will not be able to make him feel like marrying her.

Then Taurus woman is patient and will wait for the day when her wish will come true.

●Characteristics of Taurus woman

Taurus woman has a very cautious character.

Taurus woman is cautious about everything, but when she falls in love she will be like a different person.

When Taurus woman begins to love a man, she is not afraid of being hurt but dedicating everything to him.

Even if Gemini man is cheating, Taurus woman’s feelings will not change, even if he makes inexplicable actions.

She will just keep quietly waiting for him.

Taurus woman can not marry Gemini man, there are reasons for that, I believe that the reason can be resolved.

She thinks there is nothing impossible with love.

Love is blind.

Taurus woman is convinced that she is right, so it is difficult to make her look at the reality.

Taurus woman has common sense in everything, but if she falls in love with someone she will become incredibly stupid.

●Characteristics of Gemini man

Even if he fall in love, Gemini man may be preparing to be away from it anytime.

Even if Gemini man falls in love with a woman, he gets bored easily, but that does not mean that he is cheating.

His wish is to see the woman’s love’s various faces and movements of various hearts.

●Taurus woman and Gemini man romance and sex

Gemini man will also like to change about sex.

On the other hand, Taurus woman is not rich in sex.

Therefore, he may feel unsatisfactory to sex with her.

Taurus woman wants to be loved, and sex gives her such great pleasure.

Taurus woman will try to give Gemini man a perfect satisfaction.

Taurus woman thinks sex is a wonderful thing, but it’s not just because she just gets physical satisfaction.

She finds wonderfulness that sex gives physical satisfaction, peace of mind, and the birth of life at the same time.

Taurus woman wants to feel all the existence of Gemini man when she is having sex.

However, Taurus woman may not be satisfied with Gemini man.

Because he will not turn towards her firmly.

Gemini man may also be dissatisfied with Taurus woman.

Gemini man will feel sacred own privacy as being infested by Taurus woman.

He can not put up with it.

Even when Gemini man is having an intimate time with her, he tries to protect the privacy of his heart.

If Taurus woman wants to bring back the heart of Gemini man, it is necessary to understand his feelings well.

Also, if Gemini man also trusts Taurus woman, face her right from the front and accept her love, he will be able to enjoy happiness beyond imagination.

●Advice on the way of Taurus woman and Gemini man's love

Gemini man likes women with impulsive and emotional ups and downs.

He wants a variety of faces for the woman he likes.

However, Taurus woman has only three kinds of fun face, disgusting face, satisfying face.

Even though Taurus woman dislikes change, if she likes Gemini man, she needs to make efforts to become a girl that Gemini man will not get bored.

For that, she ought to try something new.

Taurus woman should try playing music, decorating flowers at home, and trying new dishes.

And when Taurus woman realizes her own mistakes or she does not feel like talking,she should not be furious.

It is important for Taurus woman to properly apologize to Gemini man as “I am sorry”.

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