Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Taurus woman and Cancer man

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●The compatibility divination of Taurus woman and Cancer man

Cancer man has the desire to be cherished from Taurus woman.

Taurus woman has the desire to love the man she loves.

If such two people meet, it is likely to fall in love soon, but it is not so.

Cancer man takes time to decide his will.

Taurus woman does not confess even if she like someone.

Even if Taurus woman and Cancer man meet, it is natural that romance does not start soon.

But once they love each other, Taurus woman knows how to satisfy Cancer man.

And for Taurus woman, Cancer man is the best lover. Because he can love only one woman.

●Characteristics of Taurus woman

Taurus woman wants to be able to confess love from men.

And Taurus woman will not fall in love unless she has the confirmation that men love her.

●Characteristics of Cancer man

Cancer man never making a swift decision in anything.

Cancer man can not go straight towards the purpose.

He may head to the right, head to the left, even go backwards towards the purpose.

●Taurus woman and Cancer man romance and sex

The problem of Taurus woman and Cancer man who love each other is the mother complex of Cancer man.

In subconscious mind Cancer man feels intense anger towards being separated from mother.

The actions taken by men secretive of their resentment can be broadly divided.

Cancer man rejects his mother coolly, or conversely, he becomes a man stick to his mother forever.

Regardless of which action the Cancer man takes, Taurus woman will be affected for a considerable time.

When Cancer man is stick to his mother, his wife will be required a considerable patience.

But fortunately Taurus woman has more patience than usual.

Even though Taurus woman and Cancer man love each other, they may injure their lover by all means.

Then, they do not talk much about the cause of discord, they do not strike each other with anger.

Taurus woman and Cancer man continue to hold scars in the depths of their hearts while being cool on the surface.

Taurus woman goes into a foul sulk and stubbornly quieted.

Cancer man will keep his tears shut away by himself in the shell so that he will not be hurt any further.

Taurus woman never apologizes even if she knows that she was really bad.

And Cancer man is tired from crying. And while he looks uncomfortable, he tries to distract the pain of heart that is not loved by anyone.

In such a situation, they will not be able to make up with each other.

The compatibility of Taurus woman and Cancer man’s sex is ideal.

At least they can build an ideal relationship that is imagining each other.

Taurus woman’s sex is affectionate, gentle and simple.

The sex of Cancer man is also affectionate and full of kindness, but his sex would be slightly more complicated than her.

Cancer man is looking for sex satisfaction.

Taurus woman is seeking a sense of relaxation of the heart for sex.

There are slight differences between the two, but that does not cause conflict.

Rather, they can harmonize and build rarely perfect physical relationships.

Cancer man is wrapped in tenderness and wishes someone to wipe away his tears.

And Taurus woman who can protect him warmly can satisfy that desire.

Taurus woman is always serious when having sex.

Also, she is just trying hard to satisfy her lover.

Taurus woman is perfect for Cancer man seeking peace of mind for sex.

●Advice on the way of Taurus woman and Cancer man's love

Taurus woman should laugh at Cancer man and whisper the love.

Then the Cancer man must jump out of the shell and jump into the arms of Taurus woman.

Cancer man should understand Taurus woman.

What Taurus woman wants is skin contact.

Cancer man should hold her firmly and kiss with all his heart, rather than writing beautiful words in a letter.

That way, Taurus woman will be able to hold close to herself by Cancer man and open her heart.

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