Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Taurus man and Scorpio woman

If Taurus man and Scorpio woman want to fulfill love, not only the heart but also sex compatibility must be known. Knowing that, the relationship between Taurus man and Scorpio woman will surely burn up.

●The compatibility divination of Taurus man and Scorpio woman

There is a fear between Taurus man and Scorpio woman.

If Taurus man and Scorpio woman overcome their fears and they work hard, they can build a very wonderful relationship.

But sometimes they fall into a hostile relationship.

If either of them can acquire the spirit of patience, compassion and self-sacrifice, they can overcome it.

Taurus man and Scorpio woman discover inside her/his what they are missing.

They are tied with strong chain.

Taurus man wishes to be like Scorpio woman and Scorpio woman wants to be like Taurus man.

However, they will never admit it.

If Taurus man and Scorpio woman can build a good relationship, they will be able to demonstrate the power to change even fate by complementing each other’s talent and strengths.

●Characteristics of Taurus man

Taurus man has a mysterious power to make Scorpio woman crazy.

Taurus man does not wear masks like Scorpio woman.

He is standing firmly on the ground. He has courage, perseverance and determination power.

And Taurus man has a rich humoristic spirit.

Humor works to keep balance of mind, by preventing self-pity and becoming self-centered.

If everyone does not forget the humorist spirit and keep smiling, they will be surrounded by warm people.

A pleasant joke makes a heart of many people happy.

Also, since Taurus man makes himself a joke’s story, he will publicize his human weaknesses and disadvantages.

●Characteristics of Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman seems to be gentle and calm in appearance.

However, when Taurus man tries to live with Scorpio woman, he will have a hard time.

Scorpio woman is attractive, feminine, intellectual, faithful and passionate.

But she is not just a pure innocent girl who is satisfied just being loved.

Violent emotions are swirling in her heart.

But sometimes she spend years keeping that feeling confidential in her mind unknown to anyone.

That’s why Scorpio woman, who seemed to be obedient, suddenly exploded the intense emotions without any premonition, or she became silenced like ice.

●Taurus man and Scorpio woman romance and sex

There are some similarities between Taurus man and Scorpio woman.

First, Taurus man and Scorpio woman tend to hold back to the first person.

Also, they are not chatty types, they will not express their opinion for as long as it is not so important.

They do not like being asked questions about such things as prying guys.

There is no one clearly saying “no” as much as Taurus man and Scorpio woman.

Therefore, if Taurus man and Scorpio woman argued “no”, the relationship between them ends.

But if Taurus man and Scorpio woman can say “yes”, they can build a wonderful relationship.

Because Taurus man and Scorpio woman have one more thing in common.

The common point is loyalty. If they love each other and trust each other, they will not have an ambivalent feeling like a mountain.

The sex of Taurus man and Scorpio woman is full of mysterious surprise and sensual ecstasy.

For Scorpio woman sex is a mysterious existence of herself.

She strongly wants to have respect for sex which is an act of holy love and wants to know the meaning hidden in sex.

For Scorpio woman, sex is not an act that can be done with a light feeling.

Scorpio woman does sex with serious feelings.

She does not want her to love only her body, but she wants her to love her whole personality.

Like Scorpio woman, Taurus man is a man who makes love seriously.

But his understanding of sex is not as deep as Scorpio woman.

But even though he can not enjoy sex.

Also, Taurus man has respect, like Scorpio woman, against sex.

They share their passion through sex, and new powers come to each other’s minds.

However, it can not depend on sex alone to build and maintain relationship between the two.

●Advice on the way of Taurus man and Scorpio woman's love

In general, humor is a thing that moisturizes interpersonal relationships that tend to become stingy.

In the case of a couple of Taurus man and Scorpio woman, the humor of Taurus man causes the fight between the two.

Sometimes Taurus man with a humorous spirit laughs at a joke,he will try to spend the life that tends to be serious bright.

Although Scorpio woman makes a laugh when Taurus man makes a joke, Her eyes are not smiling.

Scorpio woman has high pride and she does not like being made teased by people.

If she becomes laughable together, not disliking it, brightness will also increase to her personality.

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