Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Taurus man and Leo woman

Is he/she watching you as your most important person? When you want to know his/her feelings, ask JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI. We will divine everything to your compatibility with him/her, and how you can be loved by him/her more.

●The compatibility divination of Taurus man and Leo woman

Leo woman is good at planning a magnificent plan.

But when she encounters obstacles she is upset and lapses.

On the other hand, Taurus man is pleased to analyze whether the plan that Leo woman set up can be considered and whether it can generate revenue.

Taurus man never hits when he encounters obstacles.

Because Taurus man knows that he has to overcome various obstacles for success.

Leo woman loves freedom and decisively rejects any constraints.

Also, Leo woman always think that Leo woman full of hope and determination can not be defeated.

It is the same whether it is a game or gambling, or whether it is work, friendship, romance or marriage.

Taurus man thinks slowly over time when he will take his chance. .

And when he loses by any chance, he drags that memory all the while, but the experience of that defeat can be a lesson for tomorrow.

●Characteristics of Taurus man

Taurus man will not be frightened in the presence of glamor and magnificence.

However, he is not good at being surrounded by gorgeous and luxurious things.

Taurus man has a good eye for seeing beautiful things, and he is blessed with artistic talents such as painting, dancing, sculpture and music.

●Characteristics of Leo woman

Leo woman can not be satisfied with just men who take care of herself.

The ideal man of Leo woman treats her like a queen and is a man who provides a life suitable for herself like the queen.

The high-ranking attitude of Leo woman is to cover up the fear which had been held in the heart from the time she was born.

She has a fear of being a person full of faults and being stupid from people.

Taurus man should frequently take her to public and talk to herself that he is a happy man who could marry a wonderful woman like her.

Leo woman is a woman who can love Taurus man as long as he admits her splendor well.

●Taurus man and Leo woman romance and sex

Too commonplace and common-living life is boring for Leo woman.

Even if she wants to move to a more wonderful place, Taurus man will not understand her feeling.

When two people do not communicate very well, either one has to make a concession.

However, it is Leo woman that makes a concession.

Taurus man is a man who never gives way to people.

Therefore, Leo woman is not trying to move Taurus man from where he is now, but gently giving way to himself while keeping him standing on the spot without gently stimulating him.

If Leo woman can wait patiently and just leave him alone, he will be able to live the way Leo woman wants in the future.

However, Taurus man does not reach the goal overnight. He needs time.

Leo woman is proud and confident for people who she does not know.

But Leo woman becomes a passionate woman and demonstrates intense love and sexual appeal when she is held by a man she loves from the bottom of her heart.

Taurus man gently is stroked his hair and skin with a finger on Leo woman, caressed his back and he would forget to quarrel while she was kissing his ears.

However, some of Taurus man and Leo woman need considerable effort to maintain a good relationship with sex.

Leo woman sometimes is unhappy during the day, sometimes never accepts Taurus man at night.

Taurus man gets tired of making Leo woman feel good and satisfying and giving delight to her lacking desires.

Or, Leo woman will continue to wish for more he will not satisfy herself intensely.

Taurus man’s sex is carnal, no dreamy and mediocre sex.

After such a sex, Leo woman lies next to Taurus man, dreaming of the other prince, because of her pride, she sneaks tears never showing to Taurus man, and she will spend for hours.

●Advice on the way of Taurus man and Leo woman's love

When the stubbornness of Taurus man and the pride of Leo woman exert only a bad influence on each other, they lose their mental stability and have an unmet need.

The problem is that they will not talk in real intention.

Taurus man and Leo woman overlook without knowing each other’s unsatisfied feelings.

As a result, the love of these two people will change their shape to a relaxed family love, or they will end with a divorce.

In rare cases they will seek outlet for complaint to alcohol and cheating.

Taurus man and Leo woman are too sincere to cheat.

Moreover, They who care what other people think can not do things that are likely to become the public laughter such as divorce.

But even stubborn Taurus man and high-ranking Leon woman can not join together and explore solutions gently.

That is why Taurus man and Leo woman should have a heart to heart and try to feel humble.

Then miracles will surely happen.

They’d better remember what was about when they met.

And Taurus man and Leo woman should listen to each other’s heart.

Then Taurus man should hear her voice.

“Tell me how much you love me.”

And Leo woman should hear the voice of his heart that stubborn face.

“Please, promise me that you will not leave me and will not go somewhere”

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