Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Taurus man and Cancer woman

“Is it okay if I swear to love eternity with him/her?” It is love to become uneasy because it is serious. It’s time to decide when you get lost! JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI will divine all the compatibility of their two people!!

●The compatibility divination of Taurus man and Cancer woman

Although Taurus man has much in common with Cancer woman, Taurus man can not easily understand the psychological state of Cancer woman.

Unlike the Cancer woman, Taurus man hardly feels melancholy and is very stable.

However, when Taurus man has a heavy-looking face it can not be easy.

Taurus man does not make jokes brightly like a Cancer woman.

Taurus man’s heavy face may last for several months to several years.

Cancer woman has a quiet, shy looking face and a chatting face.

She has a lot of emotional ups and downs.

Cancer woman’s change in feeling is due to the influence of the moon which is her ruling star.

Even though she has a depressed face, her mood lasts only a few hours.

Cancer woman is as much an asymmetrical critic as having gentle humor.

Taurus man and Cancer woman are also very kind to old people and children.

The two people will treat people other than that with a bit of a strict attitude.

They will spend money for children, relatives and friends.

Taurus man and Cancer woman hope to be kind to people.

They absolutely need it rather than wanting to be kind to others.

●Characteristics of Taurus man

Taurus man wants to be able to confess love from woman.

And Taurus man will not fall in love unless he has the confirmation that woman love him.

●Characteristics of Cancer woman

“I dislike cooking, dislike children, I hate to stay at home more,” so if a Cancer woman insists that herself is not a typical Cancer woman, she has not noticed the true self.

She may not yet be meeting the man she is looking for.

Cancer woman really likes babies, cooking and housework.

She will not notice motherhood love and femininity herself as long as a man she loves does not show up in front of her.

●Taurus man and Cancer woman romance and sex

Taurus man is very possessive.

Taurus man is also serious, commonsense and realistic for his lover.

For his lover, he rarely becomes too emotional, fickle or too hot.

He is a man whose mind rests when the Cancer woman is with him.

However, the Cancer woman is jealous for no reason and afflicts himself.

The suspicious Cancer woman is haunted by Taurus man, in the worst case she makes him angry.

Then, Cancer woman will fall into tears and fall into a sad disorder state.

If Taurus man and Cancer woman can be in perfect sympathy with each other and understand each other, Taurus man and Cancer woman will be a couple that is compatible.

Taurus man will now love the Cancer woman, but after a while he will say to her like this.

“I can not understand you.You say you love me, but you always leave me alone and will go somewhere. You take care of your baby, go out to buy clothes, listen to music, paint a picture, go to a bank, study Italian, go to a cinema. You do not need me for you. I feel like I am your baggage. [M] “

Cancer woman so told by Taurus man can understand what Taurus man wants to say.

He is hurt.

He wants to be confident that he is loved by her attention, being lovingly hugged.

However, Taurus man will not be able to understand that Cancer woman needs various activities and her dreams.

Taurus man and Cancer woman are very compatible couple in sex.

However, Cancer woman sometimes wants Taurus man to express slightly loving expressions.

Nonetheless, Taurus man’s sex is delicate and very refined.

The masculinity of Taurus man gives a satisfaction to the Cancer woman who has anxious mind.

Taurus man gives Cancer woman a pleasant feeling of love, and in sex he can make her think it is being conquered.

That is what the Cancer woman desires at the bottom of her heart.

Taurus man lavisly loves Cancer woman and removes fear from the heart of Cancer woman.

●Advice on the way of Taurus man and Cancer woman's love

Sincere love of Taurus man grasps the heart of Cancer woman.

And Cancer woman loves Taurus man crazyly and the two will probably never break apart.

But Taurus man should not speak ill of Cancer woman’s mother or cause trouble with her family.

Doing such a thing, temporarily, she will leave from him.

Cancer woman is very loyal to her mother.

she may also be faithful to the father in the same way.

Cancer woman needs to understand very stubborn Taurus man.

Taurus man will never apologize from himself.

Unless the Cancer woman apologizes from her first, she will not be able to make up with Taurus man.

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