Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man

You felt destiny when you met him/her, what did he/she think that? When he/she and you are dating, how’s your love life going?? Jun∞Aki tells you whether Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man are compatible star signs or not.

●The compatibility divination of Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man

Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man are completely different in nature, they need strong patience to get along well.

These two people have something in common.

One of the points is that they can not help but know the answers of all things.

But the reason is a little different.

Sagittarius man simply wants to know from curiosity, but Scorpio woman has a strong feeling that “I can not help but know”.

Scorpio woman knows that knowledge is power, so she can not help but gather all the knowledge.

The difference between Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man is that Scorpio woman proceed with things secretly while Sagittarius man does everything majestically.

They both want to know “the answer to things”, but the approach to the answer is very different.

Sagittarius man will ask someone directly if he has any questions.

Sagittarius man also carelessly ask ungracious questions that others can not ask.

He keeps asking “Why?” Until he understands.

Scorpio woman wants to know the secret with as much passion as Sagittarius man, but she tries to sneak closer to the answer.

●Characteristics of Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman is unique. She is not as human as it looks.

Scorpio woman has been wearing a mask since she was born.

If someone takes an unfriendly attitude to Scorpio woman, she will be angry and will get back at him/her.

She is also a suspicious woman.

●Characteristics of Sagittarius man

Sagittarius man doesn’t care much about the curt attitude that Scorpio woman shows when they met.

Rather, he will be motivated to warm up this cold woman using his charm and logic.

Most men are hurt by the cold attitude of Scorpio women, but Sagittarius man is not.

Even if Sagittarius man is insulted, he does not notice it.

He who loves honest views her words of humility as honest and desirable.

●Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man romance and sex

Scorpio woman who thinks, “There is no human being as it looks.”

But Sagittarius man is exactly what he looks like.

The moment Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man first meet, his fault may be hidden behind his bright smile.

But a sharp Scorpio woman will soon find out it.

He is not afraid at all that his fault is criticized by others.

“Because everyone has a small defect,” Sagittarius man thinks.

His fault first noticed by Scorpio woman is that he is familiar with women and people.

He likes women and people.

Scorpio woman will frown on his nature.

Because, the more he goes gallivanting outside, the less time he spends just the two of them.

Scorpio woman is possessive, jealous and suspicious.

But to gain the love of Sagittarius man, she has to give him the freedom to go out.

She don’t have to worry that he secretly betrays her.

Sagittarius man, who does not hide anything, should be honest with Scorpio women if he falls in love with other women.

If Sagittarius man also wants to gain the deep love of the mysterious Scorpio woman, he has to make a compromise with her.

She is as delicate as he can hardly imagine.

Sagittarius man’s careless remark hurts her heart deeply.

But he will not notice it.

Because she does not reveal her broken heart.

Scorpio woman is deeply hurt and quietly bears anguish.

She revenges Sagittarius man, and if he does not notice the importance of her love, she will leave him and goes somewhere.

Sagittarius man is impulsive and has a careless side.

He should be kinder, and if he could care more about her feelings, he would know what he was wrong.

Their attitudes towards sex are quite different.

Sagittarius man is passionate, sometimes naive and romantic.

Scorpio woman tries to sex with all HER heart and mind and strength.

The biggest problem between the two is that Scorpio woman thinks sex is sacred and quiet, and thinks that sex should lead to ecstasy without words, Sagittarius man tend to talk in bed.

Then Scorpio woman will try revenge in bed.

She is cold on purpose for his love.

Scorpio woman should feel that there are many things to learn from Sagittarius man.

He should be surprisingly tolerant to Scorpio women.

The relationship between the two should be wonderful if she will be honestly able to accept his teachings, “Fear and doubt bring one bad luck” and “bright thoughts and enthusiasm make dreams come true” .

●Advice on the way of Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man's love

If Sagittarius man values the love of a Scorpio woman, he should no longer say something like ignoring her feelings.

Even though the Scorpio woman has a cool mask, an angry eruption may be happening in her mind.

She really has a warmer, richer feeling than anyone else.

If he treats her heart kindly and ceases to say bad things, she will give him an eternal love.

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