Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman

Jun∞Aki will clarify the bonds of two people by the divination of a famous Jun∞Aki in Japan! What happens if you marry him/her? What kind of lover would you and he/she be if you and he/she were dating? Can you share his sense for money and values? All of the “compatibility” you want to know is revealed here.

●The compatibility divination of Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius woman is rather easy-to-understand type.

When does she get angry, when does sh rejoice?

Scorpio man who is perceptive will understand her state of mind perfectly.

However, Sagittarius woman can not easily read the feelings of Scorpio man.

Even if Scorpio man falls silent, she doesn’t understand the meaning at all.

Scorpio man will learn a lot from Sagittarius woman, and she will be able to be generous with his faults.

There are various difficulties, but they should be able to become their best partner depending on efforts.

●Characteristics of Scorpio man

Scorpio man appears to be calm and well-performing, but it’s rather a type that is awkward, self-distrust, or depressed.

He may have hurt Sagittarius woman without noticing it.

Sagittarius woman will get hurt if he doesn’t get addicted to anything with her.

●Characteristics of Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius woman respects the truth more than anything.

She is often too honest and hurts people.

However, most Sagittarius women give a lot more joy than pain.

She often impresses Scorpio man with her honesty and generosity.

She is not a worldly person, but may wears with her hopes and optimism and gracefully get into his life.

●Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman romance and sex

Sagittarius woman loves to travel. Also, she always wants to be surrounded by many people and many animals.

So, if he says, “You should not go out anywhere. You can not spend time with many people. It is no good to keep pets.” She becomes a gloomy person full of complaints.

It is extremely sad that people who love freedom can be locked in a narrow world.

She gets deeply depressed when her sociality and passion are limited by some cause.

If she is not in an atmosphere full of hope and happiness, she will suffer a mental illness and make her health worse.

Unlike Sagittarius woman, Scorpio man hates crowds.

Scorpio man needs a quiet time to spend alone to look back on his inner side.

He needs privacy.

This causes them to clash.

However, this is not an unsolvable problem.

Scorpio man should control his possessions and allow her to seek bright light, change and exciting conversations.

She is not his pet.

Sagittarius woman will be very happy if Scorpio man, who is her lover, is with her while she is with others.

But if that disturbs his peace of mind, they should make them spend separate time with each other.

Lovers who love each other do not have to be together at all times.

Sagittarius woman does not have a secret relationship with men other than her lover.

It is the Scorpio man who makes the secret. Sagittarius woman has no secret.

If she falls in love with another man, she will honestly tell it to her lover.

The most important cause for Sagittarius woman’s love to make weaknen is “boring”.

On the other hand, Scorpio man’s love grows cold when he judged that “My lover is a person who is not worthy of love.”

Scorpio man does not try to recognize a weak person and those who give up on things quickly.

Sex between Sagittarius woman and Scorpio man is irrelevant to boredom.

In bed, her honesty becomes a shining virtue.

She expresses sexual excitement honestly

Scorpio man should be attracted to that point. He responds to her burning passion.

Sagittarius woman is interested in his kind and deep affection from the bottom of her heart.

Rarely, she may say sharp words of truth in bed.

Then he will get back.

He purposely takes a cold attitude towards her passion.

Then the Sagittarius woman would begin to anger, doubting that he was thinking of another woman.

At that time, if they talk calmly, they will realize that the real cause was very small.

Sagittarius woman will always try to talk when it happens.

But Scorpio man is not good at doing that.

If he gets hurt, he will immediately sulk, and he will put his true emotions deep inside his heart.

This is something he should avoid when he date Sagittarius women.

●Advice on the way of Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman's love

Scorpio man will never forget his wounds, and he may be terribly cruel to those who hurt him, but he will not forget the benefits he received.

He is extremely loyal and dedicated to those who are kind to him.

Scorpio man is really warm, loving, and has a good friend’s face as a best friend, who devotes to those who believe once.

If Sagittarius woman does not talk too much, Scorpio man will protect Sagittarius woman at any time.

Scorpio man is a brave and dedicated man who will are willing to risk his lives, for the purpose and for the protection of his loved ones.

However, Sagittarius woman who can not shut up by all means will be completely ignored by him, either suffering from Scorpio man’s revenge.

The moment the Scorpio man thinks “I can’t stand her anymore,” the relationship ends.

No one knows when that will happen, so Sagittarius woman must always be careful.

Sagittarius woman should keep in mind the words, “The mouth is the gate of evil.”

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