Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Scorpio man and Aquarius woman

What is the ending that is waiting ahead of your unrequited love? “I like him/her, but what about the compatibility between the two?” JUNKA∞AKI will divine his/her true intention and the fate of two. Let me tell you how the relationship with him/her changes.

●The compatibility divination of Scorpio man and Aquarius woman

Their love and marriage are very interesting. It may take some time for their relationships to be harmonized.

But they seem to be able to grow into smarter, more open minded people through clashes.

●Characteristics of Scorpio man

Scorpio man can not express his mind the way he wants to.

Every time he makes facial expressions based on some reason.

Scorpio man is less likely to frown.

Instead, when something bad happens, he looks stare at him/her.

He sometimes smiles with a gentle smile, but sometimes he smiles like an innocent child or a smile full of happiness.

●Characteristics of Aquarius woman

Aquarius woman is innocent and curious like Alice in Wonderland.

She sometimes throw a tantrum and her short temper will be as fierce as a tornado.

When Scorpio man also encounters this for the first time, he will be surprised to step back.

Scorpio man can let his feelings out to explode like a volcanic eruption.

But he seldom explode.

It seems that Aquarius woman should have a little learning of his self-control.

She is not good at controlling her emotions.

If Aquarius woman does not want to lose Scorpio man’s respect, she should learn his coolness.

●Scorpio man and Aquarius woman romance and sex

Both Scorpio man and Aquarius woman have unique personalities.

Aquarius woman shows off her personality in public.

Scorpio man cares about how people would see, so he can not show his originality.

Scorpio man may criticize her eccentric behavior as “embarrassed” or “indiscreet”

But he secretly respects her deep down in his heart.

Aquarius woman do not try to do except what she wants to do.

Even if someone says, “He was saying you like this,” she will talk back like this, “Go ahead, say whatever you want to say. I am not his. I am mine.”

Scorpio man thinks “I am mine” as well as her.

So they will be attracted to each other. Scorpio man behaves normally in public.

When he is alone, he will take a bizarre action.

But there are many things Scorpio man can learn from Aquarius woman.

Because Scorpio man has too much pride, he does not admit it openly, but he is secretly feeling the need to learn from her.

For example, she does not think seriously if there are any problems.

And if she has something bad, she can forgive it, she can forget sad memories, and she is mentally flexible.

For example, she does not think seriously if there are any problems.

Their sex can be a conflict of desires or a sweet love affair.

Sometimes his passionate passion and her desire for calmness can not get along well, or it can be a happy experience, exchanging love and affectionately with each other.

She seems to have gone to another place while being united with his body.

Furthermore, if Aquarius woman reach the climax with Scorpio man, she will fly to another world immediately after that.

Scorpio man will be crushed if she is off in la-la land in his arms.

Aquarius woman should also remember to keep pace with him.

Otherwise, Scorpio man may get revenge against her.

Aquarius woman should understand more about the sweetheart’s sensitive heart and treat it with compassion.

As they live together, what place the most importance is work.

The second is “Safety of their family” and the third is “their parents and brothers”.

Aquarius woman always adapts to change. On the other hand, Scorpio man is not good at gear change.

But because he has patience and self-control, he should be able to cope with her changes if he makes an effort.

●Advice on the way of Scorpio man and Aquarius woman's love

Scorpio man has a mysterious atmosphere. Aquarius woman also has a mystical atmosphere.

They are not actually the complete opposite as they look.

What they have to pay most attention to is that they are not good at making a concession.

Both Scorpio man and Aquarius woman will show their regrets not by words but by actions.

If they both do not stick to their own thoughts and think about the other’s feelings, they should find ways to fix their relationship.

Remember that thoughtful consideration to partner cultivates love.

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