Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Pisces man and Pisces woman

Do you want to know the compatibility between Pisces man and Pisces woman??

Jun∞Aki will divine the full range of compatibility in love, compatibility in marriage, compatibility in sex etc of Pisces man and Pisces woman.

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●The compatibility divination of Pisces man and Pisces woman

Pisces man and Pisces woman will get empathy from the first time they meet.

As a result, they are able to understand the other’s mind without much difficulty, although they often argue or become grumpy.

Also, Pisces man and Pisces woman can not only understand each other’s secrecy and being elusive, but can empathize with distress and sorrow.

They may work together to do creative activities such as art and architecture.

Pisces have an acute sensitivity and may exert supernatural power.

However, the psychic abilities of Pisces is not something that they can use freely when they decide to use it.

It appears naturally in the form of precognitive dreams and intuition.

However, Pisces must always be aware of the negative aspects of the psychic power given to them.

Pisces can get a wild idea into his/her head, indulge in the dream world without work, and lead others to the wrong direction.

Pisces man and Pisces woman should not lose their desire or lose sight of the core objective.

Pisces is born with some kind of tenderness and quietness in greater or lesser degrees.

On the surface they are friendly, calm and don’t get angry over slight things.

Even if Pisces woman and Pisces man are having a tough time and are dissatisfied with something, their feelings are not written all over their face and have patience .

And when Pisces woman and Pisces man reach the boiling point, Pisces just leave quietly.

●Characteristics of Pisces man

Pisces woman needs to carefully listen to his poem of loneliness if she finds Pisces man gets energy and is keeping something secret.

Only Pisces woman can explain the meaning of his poem to him.

Pisces man who can instinctively understand the emotions of others.

It is impossible for Pisces man to understand his own heart.

Pisces man instinctively knows that human beings are spiritual beings and human beings have a soul.

The dream he holds secretly is to be released from the bondage of the civil power with the face of the hypocrite and not to be at the mercy of the desires of the mundane life.

The modern society, which is dominated by material world, is a society in which he can not even express the desire he has in his heart.

As long as Pisces man is not aggressive toward achieving his goals, He may feel disappointed, languish and may be comforted by alcohol.

What Pisces man needs is a woman who understands him.

●Characteristics of Pisces woman

Pisces woman’s emotional ups and downs are erratic, sheds tears periodically, stays in her shell and stops talking.

At that time, she wants to take a short break in a quiet and peaceful lake.

Pisces woman wants to get freedom in exchange for security.

Pisces woman wants Pisces man to understand such feelings.

What she wants is to have Pisces man gently touch her hand to signal that “I know it”.

●Pisces man and Pisces woman romance and sex

In the relationship between Pisces woman and Pisces man, their strengths and weaknesses will be more emphasized.

The common strengths of Pisces include kindness, delicacy, rich imagination, rich creativity, thoughtful consideration to others, subtle understanding, dignity and a spirit of humor.

Disadvantages they have to overcome are that they tend to be too dreamy, to be lazy, to be easily confused, not to be good at keeping things tidy, to be procrastinating, to be fearing, easily to become neurotic, to lie, and to become obedient person.

An outstanding caring Pisces woman and Pisces man are very delicate and sensitive, but sometimes they cause a misunderstanding.

Pisces woman and Pisces man are accused of not being able to catch a scent of danger because they look away from the truth and looks at things through colored glasses.

Pisces woman and Pisces man that have seen so many ugliness of world may try to seek refuge for love, or try to flee into the shell of silence to hide the wounds of the heart.

The other Pisces, which is stronger than such Pisces, must be lovingly attached to the Pisces.

Pisces needs patience to save those who are struggling in the murky waters of fantasy and swimming against the natural flow.

Pisces woman can intuitively understand that Pisces man does not want someone to look in his heart.

Pisces woman who is intellectual, intelligent, and vulnerable stimulate men’s protective instincts.

Pisces woman also wants a man who is kind to a very vulnerable woman.

There is no other man who can fill the mind of that Pisces woman except Pisces man.

Pisces woman and Pisces man are not the types that strongly seek the connection of the body.

They are not living a cold sexual life.

Rather, Pisces woman and Pisces man can build deep strong bonds through sex, gaining true closeness.

The place where they escape from the dark and wild real world is the world of love for the two.

The sex of the two is full of purity, freshness and freedom.

And there is always a mysterious poetry flowing there.

●Advice on the way of Pisces man and Pisces woman's love

If they feel a loss of excitement and miss the chance, they will lie to each other and will stay in their shell to avoid conflict.

In other words, they will live a very lazy life.

However, when Pisces woman and Pisces man Live freely, they feel a peace and satisfaction, and can live like dolphins.

Pisces sometimes stray from the right path or go a long way round to achieve their noble aim.

However, behind all of Pisces’s actions is the desire to avoid conflict with people

Pisces thinks that a conflict only hurts a person’s heart, and he believes that there is nothing to gain from a conflict.

Pisces can draws back just by imagining violent quarrel or insidious revenge.

They choose to lie rather than hurt or be hurt by others.

However, even with such a Pisces, it is possible to lie only to the Pisces.

They can talk to each other no matter what they don’t like.

It is because they have the conviction that they will not develop into fight which hurt one another no matter what they say.

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