Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Libra man and Libra woman

Jun∞Aki will tell you everything you want to know, such as the compatibility between Libra man and Libra woman, his/her true feelings and the ending of the two!!

●The compatibility divination of Libra man and Libra woman

Both Libra man and Libra woman have both male and female characteristics.

The people of Libra have a androgynous attraction.

Libra man has strength as well as feminine tenderness and delicacy,

Libra woman has both gentleness and masculine strength.

And as they get older, they get smarter.

Yes or no? Is it good or evil? Should I go or stop?

By repeating various judgments, you will be able to make a right decision gradually.

Libra man and Libra woman don’t pretend to know something they don’t know, regardless of age or gender.

They ask properly if they don’t know, and they think well.

When Libra man and Libra woman do not understand, they say that they do not understand clearly.

They always want to be fair.

Sometimes Libra man and Libra woman will be indecisive, because they want to make the right decision.

Libra man and Libra woman may be told by other people that “you are indecisive and unreliable”.

They are indecisive because they want to make good and fair decisions.

Quick judgements are dangerous.

They spend their time examining every element.

Libra man and Libra woman may need a lot of time to make a wholehearted decision,

Once they are determined, they will be able to head straight with strong will.

Also, Libra man and Libra woman like to talk. Regardless of gender or age, when they are together, the place will be lively.

Their conversation will become lively.

And Libra man and Libra woman have in common that they have nice smiles, indecisiveness, fairness and aesthetic sense.

They are particularly good at color and prefer a tasteful environment in any place such as office, home or classroom.

Libra man and Libra woman are also sensitive to sound.

They can not settle down in noisy places.

Libra man and Libra woman need a good rest time.

●Characteristics of Libra man

Libra man has feminine tenderness and delicacy.

Whatever job he does, he is likely to be socially successful one day.

Libra man can not be satisfied with the position of the employee who receives instruction.

Every time he wants to command.

If Libra man have an instruction, you may take a resolute attitude when you are at home.

He wants to be a boss somewhere.

●Characteristics of Libra woman

Libra woman has male-like strength.

She don’t have femininity, she has feminine tenderness and masculine strength, and is increasingly attractive.

She has a wonderful ability to protect her home.

And Libra is cool even when something goes wrong.

Libra woman is extremely faithful and adaptable. She will do her best to fulfill her lover’s dream as her dream.

●Libra man and Libra woman romance and sex

A couple of Libra man and Libra woman, with a little effort, should be able to create a wonderful relationship that is both peaceful, stable, and somewhat exciting.

Because they aim to bring about harmony, that is why they can make compromises.

However, in terms of morality and ethics, they have a nonnegotiable conviction.

Libra man and Libra woman do not stop talking when angry.

The two complain about each other, and talk about it all night long, until it resolves.

Furthermore, Libra man and Libra woman are controversial. They will be together and it make their controversy double.

The energy of the two arguments is often in the positive direction, but if it is not well controlled, it will cause a collision.

When they come in conflict with their lover and their heart is out of balance, they may be very nervous and too concerned about details and hospitalized.

Be careful.

And cheating and jealousy can threaten the relationship between the two.

If you want to be romantic, you should be romantic with your husband, wife, or lover.

Then that will lead to a lasting magic on each other.

And the sex of Libra man and Libra woman is always full of imagination and transforms into different forms.

Sex of two people will not be boring.

Boring is irrelevant to the sex of Libra man and Libra woman.

They may be busy with work or home and may not be able to concentrate on sex.

But their flames of desire never disappear completely.

It burns up again with a little stimulation.

●Advice on the way of Libra man and Libra woman's love

Libra man and Libra woman can bring peace between people.

When they are together, they can bring peace to each other’s mind.

They are full of hope and optimism forever.

Libra man Libra woman are rich in sensibility and sometimes express their mind by means of poetry, music and other arts.

They are strict with themselves, but they do not impose his morality on others.

They love truth and justice, st the same time, they have the generosity.

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