Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Libra man and Aquarius woman

●The compatibility divination of Libra man and Aquarius woman

Libra man wants as much affection as air.

Aquarius woman wants as much friendship as air.

If he will be her true friend, she will also trust him and be his ideal romantic lover.

Likewise, if she were able to embody his idea of the perfect woman, he would be her faithful friend.

●Characteristics of Libra man

Libra man values ??the balance of things more than anything else.

He always wants to make the best decision, so he is always overthinking things and he will be indecisive.

the answers he thought about it over and over seem to be pretty good in most cases.

●Characteristics of Aquarius woman

Aquarius woman is a free-minded genius, who always surprises those around her with strange behavior.

She is a true philanthropist, loves all the creatures on this earth and is seriously concerned about its future.

●Libra man and Aquarius woman romance and sex

Aquarius woman values ??friendship very much.

She believes that friendship does not go away, no matter what the title of a lover, a husband, a wife, etc. is added.

Aquarius woman has the ideal of : “If it were my friend, my friend would do it like this” or “If it were my friend, my friend would not do like this”

She believes that her friend will never speak ill of a person, will not break a promise, will accept shortcomings, will never betray, will be with her whenever she need her/him.

Aquarius woman is unaware that her definition of friendship is similar to the definition of true love.

In the definition of Aquarius woman, the difference between friendship and love is whether or not she has sex.

Libra man has a balance in his heart and always tries to balance it.

If the balance of this balance is lost, he will get mentally and physically tired.

If Aquarius woman wants to get along well with him, she should try to keep her bizarre behavior a bit and build a gentle relationship.

She is not just part of the cause of losing his balance, but also he is part of it.

He does his best to please all people and eventually he does not know what to do and often is out of his balance.

Libra man loses balance and is irritated, and tends to drink too much alcohol and ruins himself.

Libra man work and play very hard.

They have the talent to quiet a chaotic state well.

However, they seem to be very poor at balancing their minds and bodies.

Libra man works without a break for hours and when he falls into bed he goes to sleep.

Aquarius woman will be anxious to see him staying asleep without moving at all.

But it’s okay. He is only resting. She should leave him alone.

It would be better to play music or read a book gently for Libra man.

Please do not blame him or grill him harshly.

If he rests for a while, he should wake up in a well-balanced state.

In the case of Libra man and Aquarius woman couples, their daytime quarrels often seem to have a lingering effect until night.

Aquarius woman can not liberate her mind even in bed if her lover or her husband do something to hurt friendship.

Libra man can not love her passionately after being badly beaten with an argument.

Even if neither of them didn’t mean to do that, they should apologize properly if they hurt each other.

Don’t lose important things with impulsive emotions.

If they can apologize to each other, they may want to hold hands and sleep quietly.

If they wake up, deep love will bring back to their heart.

Delicate and poetic sex suit Libra man and Aquarius woman well.

If the minds of the two come into line, the body will be getting in tune as well and a beautiful harmony will be played.

Even if only the body is connected when the mind doesn’t come into attunement, they only hurts.

●Advice on the way of Libra man and Aquarius woman's love

Libra man and Aquarius woman hurt each other because they are deeply in love.

No matter how much they hurt each other, they should be able to start over again from the new starting point.

Even if Libra man and Aquarius woman have a fight, it is never serious.

There is a spiritual basis to forgive each other and to make a new start between the two.

In rare cases, there may be some cause and they may start walking on different paths in life, but even then, they will not say anything to speak evil of each other.

Aquarius woman secretly respects Libra man’s justice.

Libra man secretly respects the patience and philanthropists of Aquarius woman.

Neither of them may try to admit it, but they can’t help admitting and respect each other at any time.

Aquarius woman and Libra man are likely to learn a lot from each other.

Libra man will be kind to persuade Aquarius woman, “It’s very important to keep calm and think about things.”

Aquarius woman told Libra man, “The things can not be distinguished simply in black and white. Everything is in between, it’s gray. There is no choice but to have patience to keep the balance.”

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