Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Leo woman and Virgo man

Are He and You very compatible mentally and sexually?? Is His value well suited to you?? JUNKA∞ AKITOKIMI ‘s precise divination verifies the harmony of the two love.

●The compatibility divination of Leo woman and Virgo man

If Leo woman and Virgo man want to cherish the love that they felt when they first met, Leo woman and Virgo man must understand each other’s weak points well.

When selfish and vain Leo woman is satisfied feeling “I want to be cherished”, she will turn into a caring and tolerant person.

Likewise, if shy and nervous Virgo man is satisfied with the feeling of “I want to be recognized”, he will change to a gentle and sociable person who can be caring.

Virgo man is not very good at praising the others.

But Leo woman will be frustrated if she was not praised.

In order to avoid it, Virgo man should practice praising.

The heartfelt prasing will relieve her heart surprisingly.

If Virgo man judges the time to be right to tell her kind words, her bright personality begins to shine.

Keep in mind that Leo woman takes a lazy and irresponsible attitude only when she feels bored and when she feels that her value is not acknowledged.

And Virgo man thinks that the world will collapse if everything is not perfect.

Virgo man lives with a strong obligation that every trivial matter must be solved without fail.

It is only the generous heart of Leo woman that can ease his strained heart.

She will be able to teach him gently that being perfect is to remove every change from life and if this change is removed, the exciting world which is colorized with the light and dark will become flat and uninteresting.

However, Leo woman should not tell Virgo man arrogantly in tone of command.

She has to give him a gentle explanation.

She should not impose all her story on him.

Leo woman needs to listen to Virgo man’s opinion and respect him properly.

●Characteristics of Leo woman

Leo woman is a natural queen and She always wants praise from the surroundings.

When she receives sufficient respect, she behaves kindly and generously.

Leo woman will be like a sun that illuminates the surroundings, if her desire is satisfied.

Because her pride is high, it seems that there are many cases that she can not accept her mistakes obediently.

Leo woman stubbornly does not stick to her opinion, and sometimes she should also listen to the surrounding people’s advice.

Then you will be able to receive more praise.

●Characteristics of Virgo man

Virgo man is a realist with a calm and keen brain.

Furthermore, he is delicate and precise, so he notices the details as well.

He will be able to accomplish perfectly in any work, taking advantage of his intelligence, delicacy and sense of reality.

However, he may become excessively critical as he notices well the details.

●Leo woman and Virgo man romance and sex

If Virgo man wants to get along well with Leo woman, he has to change the attitude that tends to be critical for anything.

A problem always arises when he criticizes her.

For Leo woman with high pride, being criticized by people is a painful thing.

You may think that if it is a word from a loved one, it may not be too painful.

But it is not the case with Leo woman.

Rather than being told by unrelated people many things,

It is hard for her to be criticized for what she has done to her loved ones, what she has said, her looks and disadvantages.

In order to change the Leo woman, there will be no choice but to give a little hint by the key to thinking on his feet.

It is useless to criticize her directly or to rub it in.

It is the same as saying to the Queen “You are wrong” lightly.

Virgo man has to offer a good way to Leo woman casually.

It is very difficult for Virgo man to suppress criticism.

However, no matter how much he criticizes her, she will go somewhere.

In order for them to have a sensual sense of unity, it is essential to take Heart-to-heart communication.

Leo woman with a wild passion may be dissatisfied with his conventional way of loving.

However, if you express your discontent in an explicit manner, he will lose confidence and fall into a vicious circle.

It is important that Virgo man learns to free emotion more freely.

Sex is not what he thinks with his head.

How about trying to be passionate without fear of being rejected?

To understand that Leo woman has “quiet passion”.

There is also a gentle passion like whispers.

In order to have sex which is satisfied both body and heart, it is necessary to review each other’s attitude and try to know their partner well.

●Advice on the way of Leo woman and Virgo man's love

For Leo woman, there are many things to learn from this Virgo man.

As Virgo man gets closer to the spiritual distance with Leo woman,

he will be increasingly gentle and patiently watching over this women who love freedom.

He secretly is proud of her beauty and talent.

The affection of this couple will be to slowly and steadily increase the brightness if they can only protect from selfishness.

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