Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Leo woman and Scorpio man

What is love, marriage, body compatibility between Leo woman and Scorpio man? And since We teach you compatibility with him/her indicated by Jun∞Aki, listen carefully.

●The compatibility divination of Leo woman and Scorpio man

This couple respects each other from the bottom of their heart.

But they seem to have various obstacles to get over.

Both Leo woman and Scorpio man have the desire to “control him/her.”

Leo woman baldly shows this desire and Scorpio man secretly hides this desire within his heart.

Delicate Scorpio man is also sensitive to changes in feelings of Leo woman.

Scorpio man may want to protect Leo woman when Leo woman’s pride is hurt by someone.

But if she hurt him, he may be more ruthless than anyone and may try to finish her off.

The cause of the ruthlessness of Scorpio man is not anyone else but it is in Leo woman.

Because Scorpio man has self-disciplined, rarely puts out anger.

Scorpio man is angry because he really can not forgive.

Nobody can appreciate his explosive anger.

The only way to avoid Scorpio man’s attack is “Do not make Scorpio man angry”.

Unfortunately Leo woman will not listen to this advice.

Scorpio man will silently listen to Leo woman’s long stories until the end.

But he will not accept it unless he is fully convinced of the validity of her opinion.

When he was unconvinced, he surly refuses or trys to change the subject.

Leo woman says that attitude of such Scorpio man is a coward.

She says he is coward trying to escape from the Queen’s order.

Certainly Leo woman is not a coward. Scorpio man will admit about that too.

Leo woman is not a coward, but she is arrogant.

She is superficially bright, generous and friendly at all times

So even the sensitive Scorpio man may not be noticed that she is a high-handed and arrogant woman.

Scorpio man also don’t intend to step aside for her, but on the surface he may pretend to surrender.

If Leo woman only look at his surface, she will misread and be defeated.

●Characteristics of Leo woman

Leo woman is a prideful queen who likes words of praise.

Leo woman is gentle and generous when she realizes that she is loved enough and respected.

However, when she feels that she has not received enough affection and respect, she tends to behave highhandedly and be arrogant.

If Leo woman behaves arrogantly she will not be a queen who is loved by the surroundings.

She should not attach to her opinion, and sometimes she should listen to the surrounding advice.

Then Leo woman should be the right person to accept respect.

●Characteristics of Scorpio man

Scorpio man tends to be thought of as “He is cold and hard to approach”, but in reality he has a hot heart more than anyone else.

He doen’t show it openly.

He will try to listen to anything about other people, but he rarely talks about himself.

Scorpio man is also characterized by having strong desire for revenge.

When he suffer an attack from people, he will get revenge against them.

As Scorpio man has a strong will, he will definitely accomplish what he has decided, so people who hurt him will not be able to stay unharmed.

●Leo woman and Scorpio man romance and sex

It may be about money that causes Leo woman and Scorpio man to fight.

Leo woman loves to spend money.

She sometimes gives in to the temptation and treat amazing herself.

Scorpio man doesn’t like it when Leo woman tells him what to do and how to use money.

Yet he often speaks to her money how to use it.

Both of this couple are a little selfish.

The best solution is to divide their savings account. And they do not talk about how to use each other’s money.

Before Leo woman met Scorpio man, she should have saved a lot.

Leo woman has some job.

Leo woman may be satisfied with the life she lives only in her home for a while as she lives with her beloved men, but she will soon miss the outside world.

She should miss the world outside which many people admire herself.

It may be a bit difficult for this couple to understand sexually.

Leo woman will feel at first that the romantic part of her heart will be filled with his mysterious and intense love.

But gradually, she will want him to show affection in a more easy-to-understand way.

Scorpio man is attracted by the mysterious attraction of a blend of calm and passion of Leo woman.

However, when he is coldly treated by her, he loses his original wild passion.

Scorpio man gets angry with her cold attitude and he may fall asleep alone.

It is retribution of Scorpio man that he does not give Leo woman a sexual satisfaction and make her taste lonely feelings.

●Advice on the way of Leo woman and Scorpio man's love

If Leo woman and Scorpio man make an effort, they will be able to create a beautiful world together.

At the moment they met, Leo woman and Scorpio will find that there are many obstacles in front of the two.

But if they have a strong will, they should definitely get over it.

A couple of Leo woman and Scorpio man will not lose any obstacles if they can find and pursue the same goal.

They can combine the power of passion and will and turn their sufferings into miracles.

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