Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Leo woman and Aquarius man

Jun∞Aki will tell you the compatibility in love and sex with him/her. When you can’t decide in dealing with him/her, when you want to deepen the love, please ask for Jun∞Aki’s divination. The fact that he/she did not know his/her hidden personality and sex would be revealed.

●The compatibility divination of Leo woman and Aquarius man

Leo woman and Aquarius man have completely opposite personalities, and at first they are attracted, but after a while they oppose each other.

They have to combine the good parts of each other and discard the bad parts in order to mix the opposite energy of the two, to harmonize beautifully, and to remove obstacles in the relationship between the two.

Leo woman should not be jealous of Aquarius man, but she should try to imitate what he have and what she dosen’t have.

Likewise, Aquarius man should strive to learn actively from her strengths.

But in the case of Leo woman and Aquarius man,

either one of them might be a struggle over whether to seize the initiative and miss the happiness that was in front of them.

Please cherish the spirit of concession.

●Characteristics of Leo woman

Leo woman is a attractive woman like a bright and warm sun, and has a queen-like dignity.

Leo woman who is cheerful and rich in emotions always attracts people around her.

She can be generous while receiving full affection and respect, but when Leo woman feels uneasy she tend to be selfish and arrogant.

Sometimes she seems to be too proud to express her true feelings.

●Characteristics of Aquarius man

Aquarius man cherishes logic.

“Emotions are not necessary for adults” he seems to think.

He is extremely calm and objective at all times.

Aquarius man is curious and tend to be attracted to mysterious things.

Because he is free-spirited person and is not ted down by common sense or rules of the world, it is very unique when he do anything.

He will create great ideas one after another that no one else could have thought about.

●Leo woman and Aquarius man romance and sex

Leo woman always needs “compliments”.

Leo woman is hungry for praise and love.

Aquarius man likes to play [problem-solving game] with a beloved woman.

He invites her into his heart by giving hints and letting her find the answer to a problem.

By doing so, Aqurius man trys to show how special she is to him.

Unfortunately, this plan won’t work.

Leo woman doesn’t like solution of a riddle.

She always wants clear words and clear action.

If Aquarius man does not want to lose Leo woman, he has to learn how to express a clear love.

Because Aquarius man is not good at praising a person or making a compliment to someone, he may have a hard time.

He feels a deep love for her, but it is quite difficult to express it in words.

It is easy to say if it is a joke, but it is very difficult for him to seriously express his love.

Aquarius man is always cool, but if his partner is Leo woman, he should be surprisingly passionate.

Sex with Aquarius man is also fun for Leo women.

He will love her while being careful not to hurt her pride, so she will also be able to trust him and show her true colors.

Then two people should be able to get a great satisfaction by making love.

They are likely to be able to understand each other and make friends again by loving each other even after getting into a fight.

Their hearts that need each other have the power to heal the wounds.

●Advice on the way of Leo woman and Aquarius man's love

Aquarius man will keep thinking about woman his beloved for a while.

If he says the word “I love you” even once, it is because he considers the relationship between the two seriously.

He believes that the words he said have been in effect as long as the words are not canceled.

He believes that the words he said have been in effect as long as the words are not canceled.

Aquarius man, who always looks to the future, thinks that repeating the same statement and action is a waste of time.

Aquarius man hates hypocrisy more than anything, and regards cheap flattery as vulgar and greedy.

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