Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Leo man and Scorpio woman

In fact, what kind of bonds does Leo man and Scorpio woman have? Jun∞Aki will divine to the compatibility in romance, sex, and marriage.

●The compatibility divination of Leo man and Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman feels a strong attraction to Leo man who is always full of confidence.

She also has confidence, but she can not bring it to the surface.

Even when Leo man is not very confident in fact, he behaves confidently and can express his opinion.

Only Scorpio woman knows the confidence and conviction in her heart.

Leo man is attracted to the mysterious eyes of Scorpio woman.

Scorpio woman has not noticed. Her eyes as if it is reflecting the inner intelligence has a mysterious power.

When she gazes at him, he is fascinated by her eyes and he looks back at her ease.

If Leo man is gazing at the eyes of Scorpio woman for a while, he may feel like sinking in cold and calm waters, or he may feel like learning a mysterious secret .

Scorpio woman will have a complex feeling mixed with adoration and jealousy of Leo man like the sun that warms the surroundings at all times.

People tend to look she is calm and keeps herself aloof.

Regardless of how much Scorpio woman feels warm feelings to others, she feel frustrating about not being able to get her feelings across.

Before Scorpio woman, who wanted to be able to express her honest emotions, an imposing man who expressed every feeling appeared.

That’s why she respects and loves him.

And it is natural that Leo man who likes to be respected above all is attracted to this Scorpio woman.

They are likely to come into conflict with each other, which has very different personality.

●Characteristics of Leo man

Leo man is a generous and kindhearted king.

He is courageous enough to face difficulties that others want to run away.

He is intelligent and beautiful outside, and there must be plenty of admirers around him at any time.

Being next to him, she will feel warm as if she saturate herself with sunlight.

However, its warmth depends on his feelings.

When he feels happy, people around him will feel like getting warm in front of the fireplace.

When he is angry, people will feel like watching the catastrophe of the forest.

●Characteristics of Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman tends to be considered a cold person who does not know what she thinks.

But, in reality, she has a passion more than anyone else.

She should feel frustrated by herself who can not express hot things in her heart well.

Since Scorpio woman has self-control, she keeps her intense emotions such as anger and sadness on her own initiative.

When Scorpio woman is angry it means that she is really angry.

In truth she is a delicate and kind woman, but anybody will not be able to control her when she gets really angry.

Scorpio woman will pay back after chasing him/her wherever someone goes who attacked her.

●Leo man and Scorpio woman romance and sex

Sex of Leo man and Scorpio woman seems to be better or worse, it gets hot and cold, and it seems to be different from time to time.

Scorpio woman feels sensual in Leo man’s strength.

Leo man will burn up feeling Scorpio woman’s mysterious and mild expressions of affection as a challenge to himself.

If Leo man and Scorpio woman think about each other a bit more, the feelings of admiration for each other like they met for the first time will be long lasting.

Scorpio woman should honestly put out what is in her heart.

Leo man should think of her feelings well.

If she keeps silent for a long time or if he assumes a dominant attitude, sex will be boring.

They can not achieve a real feeling of satisfaction if they give free rein to their desires.

First of all, relaxation and satisfaction are gained by linking to their heart and body.

●Advice on the way of Leo man and Scorpio woman's love

Leo man who is a popular person may have many girls surrounding him who adore him.

This is not fun for Scorpio woman.

If he does not try to drive away a lot of followers, she will get angry and get cold.

Because Leo man likes being respected by people, he enjoys the situation surrounded by many girls.

However, it rarely develops to cheating.

He will not cheat if Scorpio woman shower with affection to Leo man.

Leo man is inherently faithful.

Scorpio woman doubts his cheating, she also cheats on himself and attempts to get revenge against him.

But before taking an impulsive action, Scorpio woman should think twice.

If she cheats, the relationship with Leo man is over.

He will never forgive his lover who has sex with another man.


“Because Leo man was insensitive to the feelings of Scorpio woman, she cheated on other men.”

He should remember that.

What was the desire of Scorpio woman he unconsciously denied?

He needs a little kindness to think about it.

Leo man should think over again before leaving Scorpio woman.

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