Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Leo man and Leo woman

Junka∞Akitokimi divine LOVE compatibility between YOU AND HIM/HER. We will explain in detail the basic character and compatibility of both of you and the attention point for making love fulfill.

●The compatibility divination of Leo man and Leo woman

Every Leo has the power to brighten the whole room just by staying there like the sun.

If someone is beside them, she/he will feel relaxed as if she/he is absorbing the energy by absorbing the sun throughout her/his body.

Even when Leo man and Leo woman order people around like the king and queen,

they have a warmth like a blanket wrapping people gently.

They are mischievous, lovable and have a warm charm.

Leo has plenty of advantages over other people.

They are gentle, generous, courageous, reliable, adorable, intelligent and handsome, have strong sense of duty.

But they should change their attitude that everything they do is right.

To admit their own mistake they need humble behavior.

This virtue of humility seems to be insufficient for the Leo.

Leo couple protect each other from enemies and try to be devoted to them.

However, they are likely to repeat fights and making amends with.

The cause of the conflict is always the same.

“Which will take the initiative?”

Because Leo man and Leo woman understand them, their happy time will continue if they are together.

Sometimes, there are times when they can not help but decide which is better for the king (or queen).

They will be able to be in a happy relationship, respecting each other as long as they stand on the stage alone.

However, as soon as the audience gets added to it, their fight will begin.

Which will take the initiative, which is the real leader?

They can’t help winning respect.

If they quarreled, their pride will be deeply hurt.

●Characteristics of Leo man

Leo man is a born king who always felt uneasy unless he was a protagonist.

He is always confident and verifys his assertions.

He has an intellectual, courageous and generous heart and has charm that is suitable for the king, but he tends to be arrogant.

Leo man can not gain respect for people just by being proud.

He should learn to be a little humble.

Most Leo men should have beautiful hairstyles that are more Well-managed than female.

●Characteristics of Leo woman

Leo woman has excellent leadership skills.

She is a generous and gentle queen filled with [heart of compassion for the people].

Leo woman likes to gain praise, so she likes going to places where people gather, such as parties.

She is majestic, attractive in appearance and behavior, she is the center of attention wherever she goes.

If she strives to suppress her selfishness and the strength of vanity, she will be able to win more and more praise.

●Leo man and Leo woman romance and sex

If this couple stops competing with each other, Leo man and Leo woman will be able to experience warm, nice and perfect sex.

Leo woman and Leo man know how to get sensual satisfaction without losing romance, interweaging sensuality and affection well.

When he gets a sensual sense of unity, deep affection for his partner will emanate a new sparkle.

He will love her with kindness and passion.

In her ears the wild instinct whispers.

“Submit herself to his rule”

If she follows his gentle guidance, each other’s passion should sublime to ecstasy.

But if competition and conflict outside the bed were not resolved, it would be far from ecstasy.

When Leo woman hurts Leo man’s pride, he loses confidence as a man and may temporarily become sexually impotent.

Mental pain affects his body, which comes to the surface in the form of male sexual dysfunction.

Then, the beautiful rainbow that was coloring the relationship between the two people will be filled with gray.

In order to conceal his humiliation, he wears a cold sarcastic mask and pretends to be indifferent to her.

Leo woman who does not know anything will be hurt deeply.

Likewise, Leo woman also loses confidence as a woman if he hurts her pride, and she may temporarily get sexual insensitivity.

She wears a mask of boredom to conceal her humiliation and it deeply hurts his heart.

The only way out of such unnecessary pain is to notice that “pride shades the truth and makes love muddy.”

Is it necessary to keep pride so far?

There should not be such a thing.

You should face each other honestly without acting and face each other and talk.

Being honest may be humiliating.

Especially for 【King】and 【Queen】.

But if it is temporary humiliation and loneliness that will last for a lifetime, it will be obvious which way to choose.

●Advice on the way of Leo man and Leo woman's love

Leo man tries to make her think that he is cheating when his girlfriend hurt him.

Leo woman is also the same, showing himself that she found a new boyfriend when was hurt by him.

Leo is irritate to show their loneliness honestly, but they do not want to be with people of a lower class than themselves.

It may be the strength of his ego that is a direct trigger for the argument,

It may be an income gap and the difference of status between the two.

But whatever the trigger, what is the root cause of the conflict between the two is that they both want to take the initiative.

Especially Leo man can not help winning by all means.

When he gets defeated by her, he will completely get depressed and will become restless and walking around.

He looks like a lion who loses confidence and is trapped in a cage.

There are various solutions to the question of which one protects the family.

Leo man and Leo woman have found a worthy person who can share various emotions for themselves.

They do not have to compete with each other, and try to unite efforts.

Because they are good compatible couple who received blessings of stars, they should be able to spend happy and filled time.

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