Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Gemini woman and Libra man

What are the stages of the two love’s now?

Is it as it is, or can you go on with him/her soon ….

What is the compatibility between Gemini woman and Libra man to face this love?

Junka∞Akitokimi will tell you what kind of real intention is hidden.

●The compatibility divination of Gemini woman and Libra man

Gemini woman and Libra man are very similar.

Similarities can also be a factor in connecting them, but sometimes they cause problems.

Gemini woman and Libra man can calmly analyze and understand each other’s changing temperament.

And Gemini woman and Libra man will unite and confront people who do not understand them.

●Characteristics of Gemini woman

Are people who can compete against the beauty, elegance, logic, intelligence and brightness of Libra man in this world?

If such a person were there, it would be Gemini woman.

Libra man tries to carry his point with various weapons.

But Gemini woman does not succumb to Libra man ‘s weapon so easily.

When Gemini woman has to decide something, she makes a decision instantly.

That’s it. She will not regret or worry afterwards. She will take actions as quickly as possible.

For Gemini woman, not to judge means defeat. However, the idea of Gemini woman changes quite often.

Even if she makes a decision, there seems to be no significant meaning in the content.

●Characteristics of Libra man

Libra man does not like to lose.

He always wants to be at the forefront of people.

He uses high intelligence, logical thinking, sweet smoother voice like chocolate.

If these weapons do not pass, he blinks with big innocuous eyes and smiles beautifully.

Then, the heart of the stubborn people will be relieved.

When Libra man has to decide something, he scales it, measures importance, thinks slowly over time.

Then he will not take action right away and wait until the next day.

Libra man is afraid to make decisions. A mistake always comes in the decision.

Libra man dislikes making mistakes more than anything.

But if you managed to make a decision, he will not override it.

Libra man knows that once he changes what he decides it will usually be a bad result.

●Gemini woman and Libra man romance and sex

Gemini woman and Libra man have outstanding aesthetics.

They are touched by beautiful things, dislike clutter and simplicity and ugliness.

However, despite the height of its aesthetic sense, they are not good at keeping the house tidy.

If Gemini woman makes the house beautiful and cozy, Libra man does not complain no matter how much she spends money.

The houses they build are comfortable and will become a tasteful house organized with beautiful furnishings.

Libra man hates noisy sounds. He can not put up with loud noises, unbalanced chairs and sounds that pillars squeak.

Gemini woman gets married with Libra man’s singing voice, dancing, whistling sounds, behavior and way of speaking.

But as soon as she gets married, she begins to change him.

Because Libra man is gentle,

“It can not be helped to please her”

he will try to endure it for a while.

But after a while, she may be pleased, but he realizes that he loses the balance of his heart.

A couple of Gemini woman and Libra man can get 100% satisfaction by sex.

In the evening, Libra man lies by Gemini woman and when Gemini woman’s feeling comes back to himself from the fairytale world, Libra man’s heart is full of gratitude.

Their sex is not fierce, but it is filled with peace and deep affection.

Gemini woman and Libra man are not emotional types, but thought type.

For them, sex is important, but that is not all.

The bond of the mind is sometimes more important than the bond of the body.

When they make sex, it is not decided which will be aggressive.

They become passive or become aggressive.

Therefore, Gemini woman and Libra sex are always fresh.

They are seeking to be physically one, but we are seeking a connection more than that.

●Advice on the way of Gemini woman and Libra man's love

Libra man tends to measure everything accurately and take judgment.

This is a characteristic that can cause serious problems with Gemini woman.

Unless Libra man makes efforts to understand Gemini woman, Gemini woman will lie to Libra man.

Gemini woman is afraid of people who demand only accuracy and truth, and do not allow the words “maybe” or “perhaps”.

In front of such people, Gemini woman wants to escape to the fictional world.

The figure as seen is not always true. In many cases it is not so.

There is some logic that can not be relied on, there is a foolish truth in the world.

If Libra man understands it well and does something like blaming Gemini woman, they will be able to have a happy life.

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