Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Gemini woman and Leo man

It is very wonderful to like someone. Of course, you want to know what happens to Gemini woman and Leo man?

JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI will DIVINE all the compatibility, characteristics, marriage and sex of Gemini woman and Leo man.

Do not be afraid to listen, okay?

●The compatibility divination of Gemini woman and Leo man

It is determined by fate that Gemini woman and Leo man meet.

Whatever relationship they make with family, friends, lover, etc., they are definitely destined to meet.

Leo man has a strong obligation to lead the Gemini woman and change his life.

And he will speak out for her dress, Table Manner, political thought and so on.

He can not stay without doing so because the memory of the previous life remains in the subconscious.

Since he has a memory that was saved from Gemini woman in the previous life,

This time he feels like he have to protect her.

In the same way Gemini woman will also try to protect Leo man.

She feels that she must protect his feelings from malignant people who intentionally hurt.

Furthermore, she relies on him and praises him to maximize his kindness and warmth.

●Characteristics of Gemini woman

Gemini woman ‘s behavior is strange and impenetrable.

She tries to make her surroundings and herself wonder that her dreams are worthwhile.

Gemini woman is a good speaker.

Listening to the fun and exciting story of Gemini woman, no matter how suspicious you are, you will be impressed, her dreams will be worthwhile and you will come to think that it will definitely come true.

In the meantime her dream is really a reality.

●Characteristics of Leo man

Leo man is more realistic, more restful and stable than Gemini woman.

However, he is disturbed by Gemini woman ‘s strange behavior, sometimes it is impossible to concentrate on work or study, or relax.

Also Leo man will be forced to Gemini woman for luxury items.

Even when Leo man does not have money, he can not refuse it, so he may feel painful.

Leo man sometimes feels angry at Gemini woman who is made a fool of himself, Sometimes she shows one side as a lovingly thoughtful woman, he will forgive it soon.

Leo man does not complain anything no matter what kind of job or hobby she has unless Gemini woman is better than himself.

Leo man asks for Gemini woman a lot.

Leo man is a very fun person when they are together. He is generous in time and money, he is strong, kind and brave.

●Gemini woman and Leo man romance and sex

The rich imagination of Gemini woman makes two sex exciting.

As long as Leo man has conviction that he is taking the initiative, He is only for Gemini woman.

But gradually she will feel something is missing.

That is because of another Gemini woman.

Two people live in Gemini woman.

While Gemini woman is loved by Leo man, one Gemini woman is obsessed with him, but the other is looking calmly.

When Leo man feels that Gemini woman seems to be distracted by something, he gets deeply hurt.

For Leo man affection and sex are equally important.

He completely loses confidence when he realizes that Gemini woman is not completely obsessed with himself.

Then Gemini woman may get complaining if he is indifferent to sex.

Gemini woman should make an effort to make full use of his imagination, so that the two sexes are rich.

What Leo man is seeking is a woman who keeps close to himself at any time.

●Advice on the way of Gemini woman and Leo man's love

Gemini woman is born outstanding in language ability.

She should be able to understand the meanings hidden behind the words of Leo man.

“You’re talking too much, how about keeping quiet?”

Leo man says so that when his vanity is hurt.

It is probably because she is intelligent and worthwhile more conspicuous than he.

“You do not have to prepare for dinner, because you will eat out somewhere”

And he says so, when he is ignored and hurt.

She was not thinking about him because she was distracted by another thing.

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